Saturday, September 27, 2008

don't give up your day job

as in, me.

NOT giving up MY day job to become a photographer.

i was trying to take a photo of myself and the painting to show my friend june. i had just got the picture back from being framed.

remember, when i came back from england and the horrible airline destroyed the picture that i'd bought as a present for m.o.h.?
oh yes you do.
then june, who'd been with me when i'd bought the one that got wrecked, sent me another one to replace it?
i blogged about it here.

actually she sent me two prints to replace the one.
how kind was that?
this one here which i'm trying to take a picture of.
and she also sent me another one of the print i'd bought which got wrecked.

so i took the two prints to the framer and he did some kind of treatment which made them look like they are oils on canvas, just like the originals would have been, and then he framed them for me.
well one of them anyway.
the other one's not back yet.
so yesterday i must have taken about 17 photos.
all of them were bad.
these are the 'better' ones trust me.
i didn't realize how difficult it was to do that.
my daughter and her friends' facebook pages are full of self-portraits.
what's wrong with me?
how hard can it be?
in my photo you can at least see the beautiful colours in the painting, which is a field of poppies in northumberland by north east artist, ivan lindsay.
tho' it does look as if they are growing out of the side of my head.

and if you are inclined to click on my photos you can also see the deeply etched lines around my mouth, in spite of quitting 12 years ago, from the many years when i was a smoker. (let that be a lesson to you.)
i cannot believe you just did that!

still, mary tyler moore had her lines filled in with spackle or something and her face restretched over her skull, whereas i'm not afraid to just leave mine out there.

then my life's partner, the man of my dreams, my other half, comes home and sees what i'm doing and says,
'give me that camera'
all bossy and domineering like.

and, as they say in the photography world, (don't they?) he gets the shot.
he's a bit of an anthony armstrong jones isn't he.
oh look it up.
this is why i've stayed married to him for 37 years!!
it's our anniversary next week.
yep, 37 years.
we were but children.

quite why he has stayed with ME that long we're not really sure.
it could be he was too traumatized by the whole experience of being MY other half to fully contemplate leaving.

maybe he was thinking 'better the devil you know' etc.

if so, then my evil plan has worked.

but doesn't the painting look great?
thanks, June. x


Suz said...

The picture is awesome. So are the ones of you...I was not going to click in closer until YOU brought it to my attenion. you are beautiful...don't sell yourself short.
happy upcoming anniversary.
yay for you. yay for him not wanting to part...ha ha.
Love is grand. have a good day. Suz

ChiTown Girl said...

Both you and the picture are GORGEOUS!!!

Happy, happy anniversary! That's quite an accomplishment :) My parents discovered the secret to staying married (42 years this past June) mother goes to her villa in Italy from May-October every year, and my dad stays here! haha! Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Anonymous said...

lovely picture pat but could we not call them laugh lines ....judi

Clippy Mat said...

suz/chitown girl: thanks. i wasn't fishing honestly. and, a 'villa in italy? i only wish. tho' i do leave him every year and go to england. perhaps that's why we're lasting??
judi: you are RIGHT. laugh lines it is from now on.

Watermelon said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY & CONGRATULATIONS I remember your wedding day very well me owld mucker!!37yrs eh!!! not many of those about hese days 37days maybe. Go on post your wedding photo and give us all a really good laugh only joking (or am I?) youre just as lovely as ever. Why's he still around? cos you're gorgeous inside and out!!

Clippy Mat said...

helen/watermelon: back in the day my whole wedding didn't cost 100 quid and that was including my dress and ring!
but we did have the luxury of somebody showing up with a camera. there are only a few pics that made it. most of them were awful i'm afraid to say. but i will look some out.
just so you can have a laugh you understand.
i aim to please LOL

Crazy Mo said...

Lovely, absolutely lovely!! And the picture is pretty too!
This week is also my anniversary. October 4 will be 7 years ... yet another thing in common.

Anonymous said...

hey mom
the painting looks gorgeous in the kitchen! wow i love it. its a lovely photo of you too.

37 years, aw happy anniversary, i love you both.

miss you

Clippy Mat said...

miss you too jenny b.


Sara said...

You and your painting are gorgeous and you and uncle T are an inspiration!
love you both
S x