Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been TAGGED. deep joy.

Tag. I’m It.
I have been tagged by Suz. thanks Suz. :-)
The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
not too hard that one.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
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ok, here we go. 7 things about me.
1. I have four brothers and one sister. it was a case of first-up best dressed in our house and it was a difficult choice when i was the first one up and the brothers were still sleeping. little sister didn't come along until i was 10 and by that time i was a fashion disaster and her babyclothes didn't fit.

2. I’ve lived in Canada for 26 years and, I can never go back to england to live. (there's a post office with my photo in it? no, but you can never go home again, regardless of what you've heard.) interestingly tho’, our only canadian kid lives in england. hopefully not forever but for the time being anyway.

3. I am the least athletic person you will ever know. I have NEVER done a cartwheel or a handstand. what never? no never. and it's too late now isn't it? let's be honest. i've put it off for years thinking that one of these days i would get around to it and start practicing and now i realize, sadly, that the day has come and gone. and it's not going to happen.

4. let me see. i went back to college in my 40’s and graduated the year I turned 50. I was one of only 3 females in my class who did not expose a thong and a back tattoo when bending down to pick something up. (the other two females were definitely not thong material either.) this made me proud. and yet, sadly, jealous. there were times when I wished I had a thong. and a tattoo. and firm smooth skin that wasn’t pudgy and a tad wobbly. but this feeling passed and I learned that getting my homework in on time while skinny young girls were otherwise amusing themselves, and my getting top marks was much more rewarding and fulfilling and made my fellow students admire and respect me for the mature, role model that I’m sure they came to look up to.

5. i have had some of the worst jobs in the world.
saturday job in Woolies on the high street when I was 15. QUIT!
selling fruit and vegetables in a market, QUIT!
waitressing in a seaside café, QUIT!
secretary in a public relations office, groped on a daily basis by P.R.officer who wanted me to sit on his knee and take dictation. (there's a joke in there if you look for it.) i literally wrestled him to the floor in self defence on days when he came back from a boozy lunch. why on earth i put up with it i do not know. well i do, i was young and i had a nice office with an ELECTRIC typewriter. didn't want to go back to the typing pool where they had manuals. as in manual typewriters people. before keyboards? in the dark ages? before you were born ok?
GOT PREGNANT, (not to the boss! ) QUIT.
receptionist secretary in a sports centre, GOT PREGNANT, QUIT!
teabag maker in a tea factory on the twilight shift i.e. 5 - 10 p.m., CONTEMPLATED SUICIDE BY DECAPATATING MYSELF IN THE TEA BAG MACHINE! QUIT!
auxiliary nurse in a hospital, LOVED IT HAD TO LEAVE TO EMIGRATE TO CANADA.
slave labourer in a seed catalogue warehouse, QUIT! OK FIRED!
home help/nursing assistant for housebound seniors. QUIT!
dogsbody in a children’s clothing store, QUIT. PREGNANT.
Is there a pattern here?
school bus driver, QUIT!
nursery school van driver,PROMOTED
nursery school teaching assistant, PROMOTED
nursery school program assistant, PROMOTED
counsellor in a group home, QUIT
dogsbody/slave in a local theatre with pretentious people and actors who thought the sun shone out of their backsides, and the world revolved around THEM! QUIT.
educational assistant QUIT!
literacy and basic skills instructor. still there.
(too old to get pregnant now.)
God, that was enlightening. talk about a voyage of self-discovery.
i should say i had a lot of college courses and professional education in between jobs. in case you think i got this far on looks alone.

6. what else? oh yeah, when I worked as a nursing auxiliary I learned to lay out dead people. that was interesting. it was an amazing job. i loved it and damn I was a great nurse. and it’s only a coincidence that people died when I worked there. it was after all a ward for terminally ill people.

7. and the last thing. WAKE UP! I'M ALMOST DONE. I’ll just throw the last one in anyway. the queen of england is my aunty. honestly. but we don’t mix with them anymore. big family fall out and oh well, you don’t want to know…. aunty lizzie is a bit of a snob really.
God knows why. she's nobody special.

and I am tagging:
crazy mo
cos they haven't been around long enough to have done this before i think.

and i'm going to tag dave too. tho' i'm sure he's done it before. but he was one of the first people to kindly comment on my blog so i have a soft spot ok?

if you read this and you haven't been tagged before let me know, and i will tag you.
it's a lot of fun, honestly.


LeighAnn said...

I love number 4! That is wonderful!

Please read my blog when you get a sec. Thanks girl!

Expat mum said...

Gawd I thought I had some weird jobs. I also worked in Woolies, on a Saturday on Northumberland Street. Half of the Lower sixth also worked there but who got stuck in the cafeteria kitchen peeling spuds? Yes.

Jenn said...

wow that was interesting!
i liked the one about your jobs! ha ha and the no cartwheel

it explains why you cant go under water in the pool and when you try your butt just floats back to the top and bobs there LOL brilliant ha ha ha ha ha


Sara said...

oooh I like this... and I hadn't realised you'd had so many jobs -can't believe you put up with the perv!!

I will do day!

Suz said...

So wonderful. You just get more and more interesting the more I read. Really. you are A cool chick!!!! Ok, maybe a broad. I think we may be more of a broad age, than a chick age????
I love it. Thanks for sharing. I don't know why your new post did not show up on my blog for 2 days!!!!
Take care,

Clippy Mat said...

suz, i've noticed that my blog roll is not updating accurately too. what's going on?
thanks you are always so complimentary. :-))

J. Hi said...

I am with you on that cartwheel and handstand thing. Never could do it. Ha!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments!!