Tuesday, November 4, 2008

day four and i wouldn't put any money on me getting much further than this

so when you think of clippy mat you don't, i'm assuming, automatically think of someone who is a domestic goddess?
a doyenne of the dishes?
a rival to martha,
or rachael?
or gordon?
who me?


but take a look at that picture up there and tell me that that is not the loveliest and tastiest looking creation ever.
you know what it is?
it's called 'cheesey eggy bakey bread.'
well that's what *jbug calls it.
it's sliced bread with bacon, cheese, eggs and milk and after it's baked it comes out looking like a souffle.
and it tastes fab.

jbug likes it.
*little noo noo; not so much.
in fact, she turned her nose up at it.
with a little sneer even.
the little monkey.
then she shook her head and said, 'No!'
and when she says "No!"
that's it.
end of discussion.

as far as jbug is concerned it contained everything that he knows and likes, eggs, bread, cheese, and milk.
the four food groups on his nutrition chart.

*benny ben ben will like it too.
he comes over tonight.
he'll have his with a side of ketchup.
the little gourmand.

* jbug, noo noo and benny ben ben are my grandchildren.



BusyBeeSuz said...

It does look good...I would not turn my nose up at that. I may even try it with ketchup. :)

C said...

clippy- this looks yummy for my tummy. i am hungry now.
just went out to vote. no lines whatsoever in my neighborhood.

this mama is for OBAMA....

i am afraid for him, though, as i think he will be in more danger for assassination than any other president ever.
it's pityful so much racism remains in our country.

god bless him and keep him safe.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! that looks just scrummy & puts my crummy bit of cheese on toast to much shame. Oh rats I'm really hungry now,but think I have a Bounty bar stashed in bedside drawer so am off to bed to check it out!!
Love ewe, Helenxxxxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

where is the recipe?????? I need to know these things!!!


Expat mum said...

Hmm...clippy mats...remind me of old terraced houses with big fire places; back lanes with coal sheds; yards with outside toilets. (That's what they have at Beamish Museum.)
That bread thing looks fab, however, whenever I do anything like that for my kids they say they don't like the eggy-ness. Can't win. Or maybe I'll just eat the whole lot myself.

Keeper Of All Things said...

YUM and ME
wheres the recipe?

Crazy Mo said...

ssssffffppppp ... that's me catching the drool dripping from my smacking lips. I think I can even smell that!

Clippy Mat said...

Thank goodness somebody asked for the recipe, now I have a post for day 5.

Looks like it's Barack, C. I hope that he will be safe too.

sara said...

sounds lush - you'll have to email me the recipe because I'm trying my best to become a godess in the kitchen just like you!

Clippy Mat said...

er sara:
lates blog post.
keep up will you.
love you too.

Clippy Mat said...

of course i meant
not reipe.
silly moi