Tuesday, November 25, 2008

blondes have more fun

two weeks ago when i looked out of my front door this is what i saw.
and i was happy.

then last week i woke up and it looked like this.
pretty i suppose.


because when it snows then i have to spend that extra time cleaning off my very large vehicle before i can even leave the driveway.
and you know what more time on the driveway means don't you?
of course you do.
less time blogging that's what.
no wonder i get annoyed.
but luckily m.o.h. bought me a new, super duper, handy dandy brush for clearing the truck more easily.
it was T - E - L - E - S - C - 0 - P - I - C.
this makes life so much easier.
i can clear off the vehicle without going backwards and forwards as much.
it was a pretty fancy implement believe me and once i untelescoped it i cleaned off that truck in record time.
and you knew there would be a BUT didn't you?
when i came to clear off the ice on the windows, the ice that was under the snow, the performance of this new tool was less than stellar.

because on the backside of the brush was only a vinyl blade which was much more suitable for washing windows than for scraping ice.
what the hell? i swore.
to be honest the air was turning blue.
why on earth would m.o.h. buy this useless piece of junk and tell me that it would make my life easier?
what was he thinking?
i scraped and scraped and was becoming very hot under the collar.
and the armpits come to think of it.
but i don't want to gross you out with that mental image.
ladies don't sweat as we know.
we perspire.
but only on the upper lip.
i was disgusted with the thing.
i managed to clear enough space for visibility before leaving.
i envisioned what i was going to say to m.o.h. when i saw him that night.
and perhaps even demonstrate where he could store this useless piece of junk for future reference.
i opened the truck door and threw the offending implement into the back.
and then i saw this.
on the end i had been holding.

so i've decided that it's best not to say anything.
and to use less blond hair dye perhaps?


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh this is hillarious. Yes, you are a real blond!!!
So glad you found that end before you gave him heck.
Now, you owe him a nice dinner....
Love the picture of the tree...even the snow looks gorgeous. Like a Christmas card.
I had to move 3 palm fronds from my driveway yesterday. I used my hands. No tools necessary. take care,

Gina said...


i am not looking foward to the snow one bit!

Crazy Mo said...

You're beautiful, Clippy!!

C said...

you are justa cutie pie. i love your sence of humor. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. god bless.



i miss the snow too!

ChiTown Girl said...

Bwah hahahaha! That was exactly what I needed to start my morning! Too funny!

I think the snow is gorgeous, by the way. Why don't you send some down my way? All we got yesterday was rainy slush :(

J. Hi said...

Ha! At least you're having more fun, right? :)

Expat mum said...

I can't believe you haven't erected one of those corrugated car port things. Divvent tell iz you're going to have to shovel snow off your car all winter are you?

Lakeland Jo said...

Exactly the sort of thing I would do, and I laughed as a result. Enjoyed the pretty pics- of both the glorious red tree and the lovely snowy Narnia look street. I like looking at snow- out the window, but the reality of it is very grim

Sara said...

hehehe funny story!

Beautiful photos...can't beleive the snow already. I'm sure London is too cold for snow.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I hate snow..........that's all I have to say!!


Clippy Mat said...

palm fronds. HA. try shovelling that white stuff. not fair.

i hope you don't get any then. what are the chances of that eh?

thank you. :-))

c: you actually miss that stuff? said like a woman who doesn't see enough of it!

ctgirl: i would love to send some your way. if only....

j.hi: loadsa fun!! can you tell?

expatmum: ALL WINTER LONG. no car port and no garage and no room to put one. damnit. that was bad planning on somebody's part.

jo: narnia like? ooh that sounds nice. but as you say, the reality actually sucks ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

sara: i hope london is TOO cold for snow. it'll only mess up your lovely hair LOL

gill: me and you! :-))

Dave Morris said...

Now THAT'S funny. My daughter did the same thing once, thought the scraper part was a handle.

And she's blonde.

Great story!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

What super photos, so much better than mine. Whats your camera. If its not very, very expensive Im giving up! Cheer me up and class me as a follower. Even your snow looks better than ours!



Clippy Mat said...

hi dave:
well in fairness to me i didn't think it was a handle, i just didn't 'see' it there.... that's my story.

ken: being an ex pat i can vouch for the fact that the snow here is much better than in the uk.... kidding.
re the camera, i answered the question on your blog. i know NOTHING about photography alas.

Helen said...

I've got a good excuse for such mental lapses & I'm not even blonde! (yet!) but if the grey keeps on encroaching I might have to succumb to the peroxide bottle soon!

Stinking Billy said...

clippy, you silly bugger! ;-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I feel pretty lame. I park my car in the garage because on the 3 days a week it rains here I don't want to walk through the rain to get to it.

I would have had no idea what any part of the implement was for!

Jan said...

Can i borrow your snow scraper thingeymebob Pat? looks like were in for a 'Christmas card scene' tonight, there's heavy snow at Leicester and heading this way !!!! Please include instructions.
love Jan xxxx

ExpatKat said...

Hilarious, Clippy!