Thursday, April 9, 2009

back in the day...

somebody sent me this link in an email.
i'm not old enough to remember the original movies but i grew up watching them on telly.
they just make me feel so good inside.
hope you like.


Granny on the Web said...

They don't make-em like they used to!

Terrific dancing and showmanship from Cagney and Hope.

Love Granny

ChiTown Girl said...

Just amazing. Makes me want to go watch one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME - Singing in the Rain. I think I know what we'll be doing today on Stud's first day of spring break.... ;-)

The Incredible Woody said...

I've always wanted to tap dance!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well imagine that...they use talent to entertain people?
Where is the foul language? Naked women? Rude behavior?

Great clip, clippy. :)

C said...

bob hope was one of my favorites growing up. my youngest sister and i always had a plan to write to him and ask him for money, as we were poor as church mice. it was a running joke between us. i am a movie fan of those oldies... the black n white ones, i try to catch them when they come on the movie channel. bob hope always made me smile, as he always looked like he was up to something.


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Brilliant. I wonder how old cagney was at the time. i can just about walk but no dancing!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Incredible. I don't think I've even seen it on TV. Thanks for sharing. :-)

J. Hi said...

Bob Hope was a class act. Loved him.

Clippy Mat said...

granny: you are so right! TERRIFIC!

chi chi: enjoy that movie with the stud. it'll be a memory maker.

get your tap shoes on woody. :-)

suz, i know. there's no comparison is there?

C: i LOVED bob hope should totally have written to him and asked him for money. who could resist you?

ken: cagney was one of a kind. his body language, his style was beyond compare. love him.

ET's wife: i'd never seen it either. i'd love to see the movie it's from too.

JHi: Bob was one of a kind for sho! :-)

Esther said...

That just warned the cockles of my heart. Thank you!

Crazy Mo said...

I love the classics. The Husband and I will watch Turner Classic Movies on a Sunday afternoon and wistfully gaze at the actors. Everyone is dressed well (dresses and suits), all the men are wearing hats, the women all wear gloves, and everyone is polite. Of course, everyone is also smoking and drinking several martinis at lunch, and no one wears a seatbelt, but who's keeping tabs, right?