Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yadda yadda yadda

steve o went home on dancing with the stars.

didn't he always look like he was wearing the wrong teeth?

american idol was the worst episode ever tues night.
quentin tarantino?
actually first off, before i heard him speak i thought it was kd lang.

you be the judge.


maybe this one then?

i'd much rather have seen adam do the number that chris did from the ONCE soundtrack
he could have made such a good job of that!
'born to be wild'?
er no thanks.

my 4 year old grandson is a lady gaga fan.
he does a mean 'poker face'.
last night he told me he wanted to 'rock out with lady gaga' when i wanted to play some music.
unfortunately i didn't have that particular selection.

so i offered to play him my cd of 'the black dyke band'.
the world's best brass band!
eeh by gum!
they do a mean cover of 'my grandfather's clock'.

he was quite happy with the switch.
such an eclectic taste in music for one so young that lad.

then later i saw a music video of said miss gaga on much music.
and i have to tell you.
that "lady" ain't no lady!



ChiTown Girl said...

I completely agree about the teeth. When his mouth is closed, he's actually kinda handsome.

karengberger said...

I must be living in a cave. You are so hip to all that's on TV; we don't watch enough to know who's who these days. I did see Susan on the clip of "Les Miz," though. She was awesome.

Steve said...

kd lang always reminds me of Elvis for some reason. In a good way!

C said...

kd lang always reminded me of a young wayne newton. i could never tell them apart, they even sound alike when they sing.


Clippy Mat said...

chi chi: 's true. and for more men than just steve o. :-))

karen: you're probably not living in a cave you probably just have a life that doesn't revolve around bad tv shows as does mine. you are obviously more fulfilled. LOL :-)

steve: elvis? really? ok as long as it's in a good way. :-)
thanks for the visit btw.

C: wayne newton. yes. i see that! 'cept that KD's got 'talent' :-))

Kee said...

I like Steve-O but now that you mentioned the teeth its ruined for me abit....I as welll find him handosme for some reason???? Idol was crap and that Quntin is a bit off no...never realized the resemblence to KD Lang-but agin I see it now.
As for Gaga...she is far from a lady but we love her Poker Facde don't we?

Evil Twin's Wife said...

kd is much more attractive than Quentin! LOL.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad you watch those I don't have to. Who knew K.D lang had a twin? Not me.

Lady Gaga scares me with her poker face. ;0

Pam said...

KD & Quentin - perfect!
I saw a picture of Barack Obama's mum when she was younger and she looks like Paul McCartney. Too funny!

clinka said...

my my my poker face, my my poker face...

Anonymous said...

hahaha i like this one

aw j bug he's so cool and funky

wish i was around for a good ol dance party

love ya xxx

Anonymous said...

hahaha i like this one

aw j bug he's so cool and funky

wish i was around for a good ol dance party

love ya xxx