Saturday, October 24, 2009

the twilight zone

it's 5.15 a.m. and i've been up for half an hour.
but i've just taken some powerful ( i hope) pain killers so my time on here will be short.
thursday i was in the dentist's chair for 2 hours while he re-did a root canal, that i'm pretty sure he's redone before.
i think he gave me seventeen needles to numb my mouth.
i think they just wore off at 4.30 this a.m.
either that or somebody, or a horse, or a mule, kicked me in the side of the head as i slept.
i woke up in sudden and startling pain.
my face is swollen.
okay, i'm just looking for sympathy and you are probably asleep and can't give me any.
i've been reading your blogs while i wait for the drugs to kick in.
i think they've started.
my toes are a bit numb.
how long will it take for them to get to my head?
before they get there i just wanted to mention that jenny, my lovely daughter, is home from england.
she's my canadian child.
the only one born here.
the other two were born in england.
they both live here.
she lives in england.
it's a funny world isn't it?
she's here for a 2 week visit.
i'm sure it will go by in the blink of an eye.
surely, not that fast?
but it always does.
time goes by really fast when you are geting older.
when you are waiting for pain pills to kick in and do their stuff.
oooh my legs are feeling all floaty.
we're getting there.
and my fingers are missing all of the keys on the keyboard.
might be time to go back to bed.
before my head goes numb.
i was googling images for dentists but i just can't seem to upload them.
then i thought i'd insert a pic of jenny but can't do that either.
what on earth am i doing up at 5.23 for gawds' sake?
back to bed.


Kee said...

I'm awake! And I am reading! And laughing at your expense! But also feeling sad for you that you are in pain! Owen woke up at 5;15am and would not go back to sleep (he must have known something was wrong with his Nannie) Strangely enough I was awake 20 minutes before that, wide awake. What kinda of drugs to you have going on over there? Hope you are fast asleep now and the pian has subsided.Lots of love and pain free thoughts....

Tenon_Saw said...

I had this experience after a root canal treatment back in 1981! Pressure (blood and infection) had built up under the rubber plug the dentist had used to fill the nerve cavity. When the filling was drilled off the pressure was released and it had to drain for a week before being refilled with a different method.
I expect you have been back to your dentist by now but do go if not because the pressure can find its way out of the bone.

Steve said...

Big ow! Hope the pain wears of soon so you can enjoy your daughter's visit to the max!

ChiTown Girl said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry you're in pain. I was actually up, too. Unfortunately, I was awaken from a dead sleep because I was hemorrhaging. Sorry, TMI?

Feel better soon, and keep the drugs a'comin'!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ow Clippy. It sounds like you were really ReDone this time.
I hope by now you are not feeling the pain. If it keeps up, you need to call the Dentist (or another one) you may have an infection...but I hope not.
So glad Jenny is home and that is ironic about your kids/births/countries.

You need to start using windows live writer for writing your blog. no issues with pictures...really!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Hopefully you're sound asleep now.

For me dental procedures are the worst--I always feel like I was hit by a Mack truck.

Feel better soon so you can enjoy every minute with your daughter.

Clippy Mat said...

i don't have an infection it's just that he did so much intense drilling and so many needles that when they wore off i felt it a LOT. it will take a day or two for the tooth to settle down i guess.
thanks for your comments and concerns. much appreciated.
thanks for visiting Tenon Saw, nice to meet you. I will pop over and return the favour.

steve the pain id wear off eventually but not fully. i hate the fog that heavy painkillers leave but i learned that ibuprofen helps and isn't as hard on my brain.
suz, i did download windows live writer on my laptop. this a.m. i was on the pc and didn't know what i was doing. must've been the drugs... LOL
Jenn thanks for juggling and popping in too.


p.s. chi chi, did you fall on your sword? or is your aunty visiting?
hugs either way. :-)

karen gerstenberger said...

Ohhh, I hope the drugs work for you. Pain sucks!
I like reading (and seeing your writing change) as the meds start to's very clever. Let us know later if you remember writing this. Hugs and well-wishes to you!

Clippy Mat said...

hi karen: you were commenting as i was responding to the other comments i think.
thanks for the well wishes.
i really did feel the painkillers kick in. they were powerful i slept like a log.
i think i could honestly be an addict very easily. scary. :-)

Dave Morris said...

Awww, hang in there CM. Don't let it get to you.

I have a dentist appointment Monday, and I'm pretty sure I'll have some of the same issues afterward. I haven't been to the dentist in a few YEARS... so my bad.

Wish me luck!

Gypsy said...

How ironic....I was reading your blog while waiting for pain killers to kick in. I'm happy to say mine weren't for a sore tooth and ibuprofen is really good though they don't knock you out like yours did. I want what you're having.

I hope you get better soon Clippy so you can enjoy your daughter's visit.

ModernMom said...

Oh I hope your wee mouth feels better soon! I fear the dentist.

C said...

awwww honey, i hope you feel better soon. toothaches SUCK bigtime. so glad to hear your daughter is here! how great. time for a family photo, eh? whilst you're all together.
i am usually awake in the wee hours, and i'll talk to ya!

po' lil clippy, feel better soon hon.


Snooty Primadona said...

Ugh! I went through hours in the dentists chair last year for a nasty root canal. You have my sympathies. But, how great that you have someone there to help you out.

Clippy Mat said...

Dave: welcome back to blogging. you were missed. and welcome back to the dentist's chair; i'm sure he missed you too.

gypsy: that is ironic. my situation is temporary, i'm not sure yours is the same but thank god for painkillers is all i can say. i'm just swallowing some ibuprofen as we speak:-)

modern mom: thanks. it's 6.30 sunday a.m. and it's still throbbing like a blind carpenter's thumb, but slightly better than yesterday.

c: i think you and i are on a different time line. and you work the night shift right? we will be taking lots of family photos for sure. :-)

snoots: hope your root canal was a success. i'm doubting whether mine is/was. we shall see.

thanks all for all good wishes.