Saturday, October 30, 2010

NaBlo Whatsit

I still get email from NaBloPoMo.
not sure really but it's some kind of blogger thingy which means you have to blog every day for the month of november.
there's awards and stuff.
i don't care about that.
it was just the challenge of it.
i attempted this about two years ago and i almost made it.
and i almost went insane trying.
as you will see.
i need to do something as right now i'm in danger of getting the
'no blo never blog' award.
cos i'm down to once a month or less at the moment.
i'm thoroughly ashamed of myself.
i'm literally hanging my head in shame.

i get the weekly stats email.
how flipping sad is it to read that?
and it's even harder when i come by and read YOUR blog.
there YOU are just posting left right and centre.
funny, witty, insightful.
with your pictures and fancy fonts, sparkly layouts, intellectual content, wise words, baring it all and pouring your heart and soul onto the page.
i feel so INADEQUATE.

i confess to an involuntary curl of the lip when i read your blog and think 'tch. smart arse.'
"why didn't I think of writing about THAT?"
"what's WRONG with me?"

(please, DON'T answer that question.)

how hard can it be?
you just write something every day and post about it.
everybody reads it and you get tons of followers and lots of lovely comments and stuff.
and with such an interesting life as mine (!) as i say, how hard can it be?
there's never a dull moment here i'm telling you.
maybe one or two.
but surely, i can add a sparkle of humour to the dull as dishwater?
ok, don't answer that question either.

i'm sure lots of people want to know about life in my world.
how DO i spend my days?
what do i DO?
where DO I go?
who do i do things WITH?
what's it all about? (alfie)

this month is for YOU!

there'll be pictures too!
come on, how good is that?

let me just browse my albums on here and i'll throw one in right now for good measure.
hang on,
back in a sec.

look at THAT!

I just clicked on a random file and this is what i found.
i'd saved it a long time ago.
a pictorial demonstration of the blogging process by Molly Potter's amazingly creative and amusing mind.
this is a link to her blog Just Pleasantly Floundering Around.
isn't that fabulous?

see that was easy.
i didn't have to try too hard and look how amused you are already.

piece of cake!
it's not even november yet.
so i'm off and running.
on a roll.

i like this blogging lark.

p.s. i'm going out tonight and just MIGHT have a little hangover tomorrow so don't expect too much will you?
p.p.s. did you notice that i underlined, bolded and added colour to some of the writing on here?
yep, november's going to be FUN!


C said...

i knew you wuz just a facebook click away if i needed ya.


glad you are back, i always enjoy your stuff... you have such a warm sense of humor. and wisdom. and and, britishness.



Clippy Mat said...

ha ha thanks.
that suggests a rolled up umbrella and a bowler hat to me.

Mark said...

I did nablopro last year and have been very quiet this. But I'm going to do it again thsi year, so will watch out for your posts

Expat mum said...

Yes but when you post, it's bloody hilarious. I could post every day for a ruddy century and not come up with your gems.
I'm gonna be bliddy knackered if you post every day for a month. Mind you, I cold lose some weight with all the laughing.

Expat mum said...

In fact I've just given you my new award thingy. (See my blog.) It's not really an award because there's nothing for you to post on your blog,'s neither here nor there given that it's just me. However, every so often, when a post just grabs me - I point everyone else in your direction.
Some day this will be on a par with receiving a Nobel Prize for Literature, but for now, it means I love this post.

karen gerstenberger said...

There is no shame just HAVE A LIFE outside of blogging! That's actually a GOOD thing, right? =) But I always love to hear from you, however often (or seldom) you are online.

Clippy Mat said...

Mark: have just returned from aforementioned night out. it's 11.46 p.m.and have consumed copious amounts of wine. therefore, am somwhat inebriateed to say the least. no doubt will pay for this in the a.m.
must go to bed now.
watch this space tomorrow for witty and insightful commentary.


epmum: award? me? get out. i am going over to your blog right now to claim it.
i am seriously flattered.
and slightly pished.
forgive me.
i promise not to delete this comment in the morning no matter how bad it makes me look.

any comment from you is a breath of fresh of air.
i have a headache and need to sleep.

Domestic Goddesque said...

I look forward to more colour, bold and underlining ;-0

Steve said...

All I can say is, you are very brave. I consider myself a dedicated blogger but even I would balk at producing a blog post every day!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

Leave them wanting more, that's what I say. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That's two useful points about blogging. Some of my fabourite bloggers don't post frequently so when I see their name pop up in my reader I get all excited because I know the content will be good. Nothing worse than posting pap every day.
I like your style missus!

Lily said...

splendid stuff, keep it up!

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

Clippy could you send me some of your inspiration when you get a mo? Im trying to keep up with blogging but there are so many distractions around at the moment that I open up my laptop or iPad and before I know it I am playing We Rule or We Doodle!

Clippy Mat said...

Domestic Goddessque:
You won't be disappointed I'm certain. (Pity I couldn't use a coloured font for this response to your comment.)

Steve: Did I say EVERY day? er perhaps I meant I'd 'attempt' to post every day. yeah, that's it.

Trish: Posting pap? well I can't promise that I won't post a bit pap here and there. okay, probably a lot of pap truth be told. :-)

Lily: I shall die trying. :-)

Irritatingly Optimistic: See that was my downfall too. I'd try to write a blog post and then wake up in the middle of being on Facebook for 40 mins wondering how I got there. It will be hard to break the habit.....

Gill - That British Woman said...

however.......on the flip side, blogging is supposed to be fun and you blog because you WANT to do it.

I agree with all the others though, when you do blog it is fun to read.

You are one of those bloggers who offer quality instead of quantity and I hope it will always be that way with you,


Clippy Mat said...

Gill: when I DO get around to blogging I find it's fun. I have stopped making the time and I miss it when I don't do it so hope to get back on track.
Thanks for the kind words.

Iota said...

Came here from Expat Mum's blog. Very very funny!

Busy Bee Suz said...
Who do you know that posts with intellectual content? Not me.
If I try this as well, what if I run out of stuff to say. Can I just say:
I might try it too. I have a few hours to think about it still....c'mon talk me out of it.

ps. I do miss you lots and lots and lots and lots.

Molly Potter said...

Fancy that...blogging guilt!!!

What would you be doing with that?

I write buckets and then I go away for weeks...but I won't do guilt. In fact I am bored of blogging really.

Been trick and treating with the kids and managed to drink alcohol at two houses and feel quite pissed. That's better than blogging. in fact most things are better than blogging because bloggin is you and a keyboard and a virtual world at the end of the day. Go smell a smell and touch a feeling...or even feel one but don't do guilt...or comparisons"
Big love

Clippy Mat said...

Iota: thanks for coming by. Hope you'll come by again.

Come on, you know you want to. I czn not imagine YOU running out of stuff to say. Couldn't happen.
What else would you do this November if you didn't blog every day, right?

All in good fun, honestly. Insert my tongue into my cheek whenever I write.
Still proudly in touch with all of my emotions.
Happy Halloween.

Ladybird World Mother said...

oh I loved this!! I think we're twins. xxxx

Clippy Mat said...

I'll take that as a compliment. :-)

Molly Potter said...

Oops...i was somewhat pissed when i left that comment. i just re-read it and I come across a bit aggressive and certainly more anti-blogging than I am. Oh and a little odd. Apologies

Clippy Mat said...

Molly: Too funny. Any comment is always much appreciated. I get you.