Friday, November 12, 2010

12 (2 more than 10 and twice the number 6)

not just any old number.
as in 12 days of Christmas?
as in,
12 days of posting!
already? you ask.

12 is a funny number isn't it?
a dozen.
one less than a baker's dozen.
twice more than 6.
speaking of 6.
there's 6 degrees of separation.
i find that fascinating.
most of the blogs i read can be connected to each other.
that's how i found them in the first place.
there's Pretty in the City (the first ever blog I knew about and read every day way back when, when it was
do you remember Save Karyn?
she was a quirky girl in NY who had the unique idea of getting out of debt by having people send her money.
she'd racked up debt by overspending.
at least she was completely honest about that.
she sold stuff on ebay too and with everyone's help, some people sent a dollar (that's all she asked for from each person) she was able to get out of debt.
it was unique and very funny.
and if she hadn't already done it first i could've done it.
but it's too late now.

i'm not sure how i found Toni at ExPat Mum's blog.
she's in chicago.
not long after i was reading it i realized that we'd both gone to the same convent school back in newcastle.
back in the day.
i'm a tad older than her.
i think our school was one of those all girls' schools that once you'd been a part of it you would never be the same.
(that's another post.)

then recently i met Trish at Mum's gone to
so i'm reading her post the other day and she wrote about her favourite teacher
and i realized i'd had the same teacher too.
(who was NOT my favourite teacher)
but that could also be another post.
another ex convent school girl!
i wonder how many of us are out there in blogging land?

what i really wonder is whether any of us ever became nuns?

i somehow think not.

so you see.
it's not just an ordinary number after all.
it's 2 more than 10.
and we all know about 10 right?

but we won't go there now.

fascinating eh?
come back tomorrow when 13 will be revealed in all of its glory.

tonight i'm going to see 3 different scottish comedians.
(3 of course is 9 less than 12 but you can see the connection right?)
none of whom are Billy Connolly.
or Frankie Boyle
sad to say.
i don't know who we are seeing as yet as somebody else has got the tickets.
i'll let you know how good they were.
tho' i won't be able to remember any of their jokes.
i never can.

today is friday the 12th.
which when you think about it, is almost friday the 13th.
that would have been just weird.
wouldn't it?

i'm going to go now.


Expat mum said...

Did you know that Trish and I are second cousins? We were commenting on each other's blogs before her mum told me who "Mum's Gone To.." was. Part of the enormous Wallsend Conway clan.
And Hadriana went to La Sagesse - but we won't mention that.
Small world.

Mark said...

Twelve can alo be divided by three and four - which the decimal 'ten' can't.

Do you remember twelve pennies in a shilling and twenty shillings to a pound. How did you divide an 'old' pound by three - easy, four shillings and eight pence.
How do you divide a new pound by three - errr, it is
33.3333333333333 pence, recurring.

And my Gran made clippy mats to use as bedspreads

Clippy Mat said...

EpMum: What? Get out. You and Trish? You Wallsend Conways man. You were all just behind the Fitzpatrick's in the dinner queue at St. Aidan's.
La Sagesse? No, don't mention that!

This is an extremely educational and informative comment and I would like to award you a prize.
But I can't.
Your Gran was a very industrious and smart woman, and I can see who you take after.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad you did not turn into a nun. I am pretty sure your husband feels the same way.
12 is a great number. :)

Steve said...

I would love to see Frankie Boyle. But preferably sat somewhere near the back where he couldn't pick on me.

karen gerstenberger said...

Don't you think it's fabulous, this blogging community? When I hear that people don't blog or read blogs, it's a surprise now. So many of my "peeps" are bloggers, some even IRL. I am so glad that I met you here, though I can't recall how that happened. I think it was some clever, snappy comment you left somewhere I was visiting, and I thought, "Hm -British. Must investigate." (I love you Brits, especially your Mitfords and such. Even though you live over on this continent now, you still have that special quality that one can't lose. Lucky you.)

Clippy Mat said...

Suz: Sometimes my husband says to me, "Get thee to a nunnery!" I'm not sure what he means by that.

I can imagine that anyone within Frankie Boyle's eyeline would be fair game. I'd be sitting at the back with you too.

Clippy Mat said...

Karen: What is it about we Brits that some Americans seem to like? I don't know, but I love that. We get away with all sorts because of our accents. (and you haven't even heard mine, it's very rough and common.)
I think I 'met' you on Smiley girl's blog, perhaps? I wish I could remember. Or was it Suz's?

karen gerstenberger said...

Oh, Clippy, I could write a lot about why Americans love Brits. The accent is a clear attraction, (posh & non-posh), but I think it's your culture and your "Yes, we saw that centuries ago & are not fazed by it" sort of approach to life. Your history, the architecture, the indefatigable British spirit...
I spent a term in Britain while in college, and have always wanted to go back and stay a bit longer.
I'll bet you're right - we did probably meet at Smileygirl's.

C said...

what a cute and whimsical post, clippy... i really enjoyed reading it. you are SO clever!

Gill - That British Woman said...

It sure is a small world out there.....


Ladybird World Mother said...

Fab post... random and informative!! xx

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

How did I miss this post - I'm in it!!

Do you remember Sister Wright, the nun who always said "If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well"?
The there was Sister Catherine with the beard....I think she was after your time (thank god for that, I hear you say).

Clippy Mat said...

Trish: sorry I should have told you I'd mentioned you, silly me. I remember Sr. Wright but in my day they were still known as 'Mother.' That,changed just before I left. The one I remember the most was Mother/Sister Hine. She was a toughie. I did a brilliant impression (if I say so myself) of her and often scared girls when I'd make her 'appear' out of nowhere. Oh and can't forget Mother/Sister Mackin either:-)