Monday, November 8, 2010

have I got a deal for you?

yesterday my post was a brain teaser.
i wish i could have given out prizes for the right answer.
well technically there wasn't a right answer i was just fishing for comments we both know that.

i know some blogs do have prizes and give aways tho'.
recently i've had some emails offering me glowing rewards.
oh yes, i have.
somebody wants me to review their pots and pans and write about them on this blog.
they will reward me with a pot for my trouble.
a pot.
not pots.
be still my heart.
i am supposed to peruse their myriad of websites (because i have hours and hours of time to do that.)
and select some cookware within the cheap price range they quoted.
(do they think i can be bought that easily?)
then i have to use said pot/pan/cookware whichever i pick (within that cheap price range) and review it.
then after i've done ALL that i should point everyone who comes here (aka YOU) in that direction and tell them to buy some pots and pans.
presumably for more than the cost of the one i am to be given.
if getting me to do what you want was a matter of giving me pots or pans then my husband would be walking around with a permanent smile on his face.
it's not going to happen.

then somebody else wants to advertise their website on my blog.
they will pay me the princely sum of .... get this.... $30.00
$30 that is.
the two zeros come AFTER the decimal point.
i mean i'm easy.
but i aint cheap.
their website by the way, which they want to advertise on here, is for rehab.
for addicts.
what does that say about you people?
they obviously did a lot of market research to find a blog which is read by people who overeat, drink too much, smoke incessantly, gamble their pay cheques,  snort illegal substances or generally abuse themselves and are in need of rehabilitation.
you should be offended.
i'm offended for you.

then somebody wanted me to review a cook book.
here's how that would go.
"i liked the pictures but didn't attempt any of the recipes because I don't like cooking."
i couldn't tell a lie could i?
for that little endeavour all i was going to get out of that deal was a copy of the actual book to give to one of my 'readers'.
that's you.
again, i'm offended for you.
what kind of people are they insinuating that you are?
addicts who spend their time in the kitchen following recipes?
the people who come here to read my blog all have people that cook FOR them.
they don't waste their own time in kitchens.
that's what they pay others to do.

so that's a no.

the other special offer email was written in chinese.
i tried to decipher it but all i could read was something to do with lasting longer and keeping things hard.
i'm not sure.
i've sent away for it and i'll let you know how it works out.


Steve said...

I could sure use some of that playdough.

Clippy Mat said...

Steve: what no pots and pans? you surprise me. ;-)

Mark said...

I've had some interesting (not) offers for advertisning on my blog too - inclusing one from a Thai woman with dubvious motives.

But I did get one fabulous contact a while ago - blog to follow about that soon.

Clippy Mat said...

A Thai woman with dubious motives! Not playdough then?
Looking forward to reading the post about the fabulous contact.

TechnoBabe said...

Stick to your firm beliefs and don't let them persuade you to advertise for them, not for chump change anyway.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am completely offended about the rehab part.
I am offended that they did NOT contact me directly...just skirting around via you.
I am with you on the pots and pans....and the measly thirty bucks. IF we are going to sell out, it might as well be worth it. right?

Let me know when the playdough arrives....just please, don't do like my kids did and eat it.

Clippy Mat said...

TBabe and Suz: I did responses to both of your comments and they've disappeared!! What's going on? My computer is betraying me.
I was saying, that I will NEVER sell out, (at that price) and that Suz, why didn't they contact you directly about rehab instead of insulting you second hand, as it were?
The nerve. :-)

C said...

i hear ya clippy, i keep getting crap in my spam mail like "recall for hip replacements" so like, are yee supposed to give your hip back? and for "viagra" like I need that! i tell ya, spamola is crapola...

BTW there is a recall for idiots and i think a know a few to send back..

Gill - That British Woman said...

spam mail is just crazy nowadays.....


Pam said...

Hey - you're getting offers! That means your blog is popular and attractive so suck it up Cliipy. I haven't had so much as an offer to advertize dog poo bags! X

Pam said...

And err, the way I just spelt your name was the Swedish version :-)

Clippy Mat said...

Gill: I wonder why they call it spam? Isn't that meat in a tin?

Pam: Speaking of dog poo bags I can let you have 500 for $1.50.
Cliipy. I like the sound of my swedish name. :-)