Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's Saturday. (for want of a better post title)

The genius that is Molly Potter. She is testing me. She left this comment (below) on my last post. I told her I can't blog to order but then I realized I didn't have a topic for tomorrow, even tho' it's technically Wordless Weekends, so I thought I'd just roll all of her suggestions for posts into one post. I have no idea how or why she came up with these random ideas but nevertheless it gave me something to write about and for that I'm always grateful.Her questions are in black. My answers are in blue.
Thanks Molly. I think.  :-)

Molly: You have 25 more posts before the end of November so I would like to suggest a post...if you choose to blog about any of the following...I will feel honoured...

- the components of your ideal party
 people. people with personalities preferably.  and somebody who tells mad jokes and makes me split my sides. and lots of food and drink.

- personality traits you admire most in others
patience. kindness. warmth, humour, and the ability to ignore my failings.

- a gesture of kindness you once did that you are proud of
i let my husband have the remote control all night one night and i never complained.
(i'm going to heaven for that)

- a nasty school memory
i tripped while getting off the school bus in front of a boy i had a crush on. i was so embarrassed i pretended i was knocked out and stayed down. i think he stepped over me.

- - things you learnt at school that you can still remember
get in the dinner line before the fitzpatricks or there'll be nowt left.

- your most stressful journey
22hr return flight (including 12 hr delay in manchester airport) from england with 3 kids and no husband to help me. i fought with the flight attendant on the way home, cried until the snot came down my face and refused to budge when she asked me to. i'd plonked myself in an empty seat in first class with the baby so that the two boys could stretch out on our three seats back in the peasants' section. they were exhausted and out cold. not surprising really as they'd had to sit in an airport departure lounge for 12 hrs and then wait another hour on the plane before take off. i'd probably be arrested these days but hell hath no fury like a frazzled mother with hungry and tired kids. don't even mess with me.

- the recipe for your favourite meal
recipe? bloody hell. i blogged one way back but to be honest i don't do recipes anymore; though i do have Jamie Oliver's latest book in the kitchen. i'm having people over for dinner tomorrow night and i am doing italian food. pasta with sausage, rigatoni with meatballs, salad, crusty bread etc. the only thing that i will be making will be the pasta and the salad. there's a fabulous italian shop here where the owner and his wife make everything themselves with amazing love and fantastic ingredients so i don't have to.

- a description of a friend you really value
truthful, patient, forgiving, loyal, and preferably fatter than me.

- your opinion of head lice
well, i'm a bit of an expert on the subject actually. i was responsible for the kids in the nursery school where i worked for many years. i would check their heads regularly and try to help their parents treat them and keep them at bay. it was a hard battle. i can spot nits at 20 paces and know how to remove 'em painlessly.

- a detailed and sequential description of what you did between 12.31 p.m. and 1.07 p.m. today
well today at that time i was having lunch with two of my oldest friends. they are both english and we used to be neighbours on the same street here. we have a lot in common including kids that grew up together.  today we were slagging off coronation street for about 1/2 an hr. i was saying how bloody ridiculous it is now, how everyone who lives on the street works on the street and how many murders there have been etc. we had quite the dialogue on that subject. very entertaining it was. we've all actually visited the set at one time or another over the years and we were howling at how filthy and nasty it was and how i put a note thru jim mcdonald's letterbox and told him to clean his windows. btw, none of us would ever dream of missing an episode.

- expressions you use regularly as catchphrases
hmm, i might say the eff word more than i should but only if it's safe. you know, if i know it's not going to offend the person i'm with. i like to eff and blind on occasion it's a good stress reliever but i know me place and don't do it in front of the vicar.

- if you owned your ideal shop, what would it sell? Describe it.
fish and chips. me and my geordie friend fantasize about that. but we reckon we'd be eating the chips faster than we'd sell 'em so it might not work out too well.

- If you could choose any shop to grab as much as you can to keep in 3 minutes, which shop would you choose and why?
have to be a grocery store. i've always fancied doing one of those mad trolley dash things. on your marks, get set and GET OUT OF MY WAY!

- When someone doesn’t take a shine to you, what do you think causes that usually?
molly, come on. have you met me? everybody likes me. silly.

 well "I" obviously. it's all about me innit?
That was fun. Only 24 to go! Yay!


Molly Potter said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that. I knew your answers would be interesting, unusual and funny.

It actually amazing how many people have something to say about headlice.

You really are one of those beautifully crazy people aren't you.

So do i have to answer my own questions?????

Happy Satdee

Attila The Mom said...

Love it!

You're a better woman than I am, Clippy. I would NEVER relinquish the remote.

Mostly because Hubby doesn't comprehend what all the little buttons are for and is usually reduced to foul language before he gives up. LOL

Clippy Mat said...

I do have a lot more to say about headlice as it happens and I might even use that as a post topic during one of the remaining 24 days! So thanks for the gift that keeps on giving, if you will.
What? I didn't answer your questions?

ATM: exactly. that was my motivation for relinquishing them in the first place. Now he passes them to me when he needs them to 'function'. My evil plan worked!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my hell! Or, would that be "bloody 'ell"? Your British side have never shown so much as it did in this post! I even read it with an accent! You CRACK my ass up, Woman! (I spelled it right, this time!!!)

It's good to know we can always be friends cuz I'll always be fatter than you! hahahaha!

*my word ver. is "crumeto." Isn't that what you're serving for dessert at your fancy dinner party? ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

Cheech: That's funny cos I read YOUR posts with a Chi-Town accent, with a hint of Italian of course.
Crumeto? whassat? Dessert is in the capable hands of my Scottish friend. OMG she might bring deep fried haggis with brandy sauce...

Steve said...

You gave your husband the remote control for an entire night. You are an angel! Where have you been all of my life?!

Molly Potter said...

Oh. I have not been drinking but I did not see your colon below. I thought you were throwing it back at me and telling me I also had to blog every day in November. That was simple of me wasn't it?

Molly: You have 25 more posts before the end of November so I would like to suggest a post...if you choose to blog about any of the following...I will feel honoured...

TechnoBabe said...

Fun answers. You are a funny gal.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I found this to be quite entertaining.
I really want to head north and spend a few days with you Clippy. Of course, it would have to be in the summer. And you must plan a party with all the Italian food, fun people and drinks as well.
I will make sure we leave our lice at home for the festivities.

Clippy, you must get rid of the word verification. Must I say. :)

Clippy Mat said...

Steve: I am all heart. There was no ulterior motive for my generosity either.

Molly: So glad you didn't see my colon. That would just be yucky.
This is NOT that kind of blog thankyouverymuch.

TBabe: Thanks. Glad you came by.

I will book your room now for next summer.
word verification. I can't remember now why I put it back on.... I think it was because of spam.... but I'm removing it right now. Because you asked me to.

Expat mum said...

Mad as a hatter! I love your comment about the Fitzpatricks. Poor little blighters - there's a family like that in every school.

Clippy Mat said...

I wouldn't mind if there was only one of the little blighters in our school. There was about 14 of them in ours and they WERE the dinner queue. You were lucky if there was owt left.

C said...

i loved this post, tells alot about you and that is always fun. i LERVE yo' sense of humor pat, wish we could be neighbors we'd have a ball. have fun with your dinner party.

Clippy Mat said...

C: we would be mad neighbours that's fo' sho.
(that's my midwestern american accent which i am utilizing to impress you. how'd i do?)

wor vron said...

love the one about you tripping off the bus in front of a lad -ha ha xx