Thursday, March 14, 2013

Close the netty door!

I just spent five minutes reading the comments on my last post. Thanks for those. I was looking for the Like button after each one.I just can't make my mind up on whether I should reply to your comment if you were so kind as to leave one. Do you come back to check or have you just moved on completely? It's a tough call so when in doubt, do nowt is my motto.
Just know that your words are like gold unto me. I love you.

Moving right along.

I was in the grocery store this morning and tho' we are practically a border town, 11kms from Niagara Falls and the bridge to the USA, I try to spend my money in Canada to support, well the Chinese economy basically.  You know, so they become stronger to take over the world, making us all work in their paddy fields and forcing us to bear one child per household, not to mention eating our rice with chopsticks! How ridiculous is that? I'll go to a POW camp first Mr Chan.

And because I'm too bloody lazy to be interrogated by a customs officer for a carton of milk and a brick of cheese, a case of beer and a tank of gas I don't do what most of the people I know do, which is cross border shop. Which makes them think they have the right to say to me, "HOW much did you pay for those? You know you can get that at TOPS, KOHLS, or insert name of US store here ____________ for a buck fifty."
Smug buggers.

But the point of this is, I was strolling down the aisles in a  local Canadian grocery store this morning, which is normally too expensive for my tastes, but I just couldn't be bothered to be bothered and go another 2kms for a bargain at the cheaper grocery store, when  I almost keeled over. There on the shelves, stacked high and proud,  I saw a pack of 12 double sized toilet rolls for $21.99!!!!
My mouth fell open and I dutifully informed several other shoppers wheeling by, as they squeezed the various packages to determine softness.
"Have you SEEN the price of THESE?"

Nobody seemed to care. They were rating the bog rolls by 'quality' amount of sheets per roll, thickness, weight, length and God knows what else!
Have we lost our minds?
I saw an ad on TV for bog rolls the other day, there was some kind of philharmonic music playing while happy people looked content and (smug) with their choice of bog roll????  What is happening to us? Where's it all going to end?

 I would like to go on record here and now, for the 5 people that might drop by in the next 2 months before I post again, that I will never, EVER, as long as I HAVE a rear end, pay $21.99 for bog roll to wipe my rear end on! I will cross border shop before I do that!

Or, if I still can't be bothered to do that,  I'll hang squares of newspaper on a nail on the back of the door like me mother used to when I was a child. It will prepare me for the hardships of the forced labour camp to come.



Expat mum said...

Ha ha ha ha. You could have Izal shipped over from home. Remember that stuff? Not only did it stink, it was like wiping ya bum on a crisp packet.

Helen Devries said...

The Chinese are going over to knives and forks...the chopstick industry has used up the available forests....though this could be why they are buying vast tracts of forest here in Costa Rica...from rainforest to chopstick in the time it takes to bribe a politician.

Clippy Mat said...

EPM: Izal! That bliddy stuff was awful! Like wiping ya bum on a crisp packet that's so true! We moved up to Izal eventually after squares of the Evening Chronicle. I preferred the Football Pink meself, looked classier somehow.

Helen: Please stop the Chinese from taking over the world. Keep them out of those beautiful rainforests too please. I hope that's not too much to ask?

Pam said...

I thought you were joking but you aren't? Bloody Nora! (as we say in Lancashire)

Clippy Mat said...

Pam, I thought THEY were joking when I looked at the price. I think this bog roll was infused with gold thread or something. Ridiculous.

Steve said...

Dock leaves are free. And biodegradable.

Clippy Mat said...

Aye Steve but the problem with that is they don't flush and also they are very similar to the leaf of the stinging nettle.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh....makes me so scared too. What will we do when we can't use newspapers anymore. you know, we get most of our news on the internet. I can't imagine using my laptop for you know what.
Makes me want a bidet even more now!