Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why don't you shout into my ear trumpet?

There's nowt wrong with getting older.
Because we know what the alternative is, right?
It's just that when you do start to get older then you realize you are now perceived as being 'past your sell by date' by others.


I know. I was young myself once. I can remember it quite well, because it feels like it was only yesterday.
When I was younger I thought that anyone who had 10 or 20 years on me was over the hill and I dismissed them, for the most part, as has-beens
I wish I could go back in time and smack myself one upside the head. But it's part of the natural order I suppose.

Luckily, I am reassured by there being lots of famous, and not so famous, people in my age group who are still waving the flag for my generation. YAY FOR THE SEXAGENARIANS. Yes, we are defined as such because WE, of course, invented sex.

My peers are still doing their thing, some better than ever, (Annie Lennox for one) and  are aging gracefully, i.e. without the aid of plastic surgery. Believe me, in the industry I'm working in now I see people who are a lot younger than us who have been under the knife, or have been injected with something to fill in lines or plump up wrinkles. They may get rid of a line or two, or lift a sag here and there but the end result is still scary. It doesn't look right! Sorry. Why are we afraid to look our ages?

But, that's not what I was going to say was I?
I am on about young whippersnappers who think that the world belongs to THEM. That what they have currently at their fingertips, i.e. technology and other such amazing resources is their birth right and that people of my generation don't get it. They behave as if we are still trying to come to terms with the invention of the wheel.

Case in point:
I'm quite sure that a woman in her twenties with whom I work, speaks more slowly and a tad louder when she's telling me something about her life. Last week, talking about how she's charting her exercise schedule, she asked me if I knew what an APP was?
So I replied quite loudly, hand to ear in my crotchety old lady voice; "A NAP? YOU NEED A NAP? I'll give you a nap in a minute when I knock you out missy!"
She thinks I'm funny.
I really would like to slap her.

The thing is you do get a bit more forgetful as you get older. My mother had dementia so I am always on guard of course and I sometimes feel that the kids eye me cautiously when I make a faux pas in the lingo department. They do talk over the top of you too when they're all together. Luckily my other half and I in return, make eye signals to each other over their heads and realize that we were the same when we were, (oh that lovely word), younger  and no doubt their kids will do the same to them.  Ah, the circle of life.

So where was I?
Who are you?
Has anybody seen my keys?

Oh right. I was going to tell you that after my last post where I wrote about doing the Great North Run Half Marathon next September, (if-I-can-get-a-place) that I'm sticking to my guns. I've been walking/running for the last month and have joined a Running Club. The first 10 weeks are done as a clinic and the last one will be a 5K run on New Year's Eve. I think I'm the oldest one in the new runners group!

I may be heading over the hill, but I'm damn well going to run down the other side!


Expat mum said...

I can't believe you're doing that. I'm very impressed.

Clippy Mat said...

EPM: Doing what?

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so awesome….and of course, you don't need surgery cause you are knock-dead-gorgeous. Or is it knock-out gorgeous?
Did someone say something about getting older and forgetting things?
I had a few people call me 'mam while in Texas. Even though they were only a few (15) years older than me. Am I getting older too?
What? I can't hear a damn thing you're saying.
So proud of you for doing the running thing. I honestly try to run, but it doesn't work out well for my knees and then my lungs ask me that age old question: You expect me to work while you are moving faster than normal?


Clippy Mat said...

Re the running, I have absolutely no ability as yet but I hope to improve, that's all I can do.
Thank you for the lovely kind words Maam. I can call you that because I'm waaay older than you.
x x x

Karen Gerstenberger said...

You are so darn funny, Clippy - I've missed you! No plastic surgery here, though I occasionally fantasize about it...gravity is having its way with me. I'm doing my best to ROCK the silver hair! Props on the running (do we still say "props?") and hugs to you.

Steve said...

An old saying: youth is wasted on the young. A mature wine is always valued more.

Clippy Mat said...

You are a true natural beauty, inside and out. Thanks for the props. No doubt, I will need to be propped up at some point during this endeavour.

Clippy Mat said...

Never a truer word spoken!

Undomestic Diva said...

Oh my goodness i love you! you are so funny and to the point! In defense of the small number of us young people who aren't so rude (i'm 22), i wouldn't dare speak to anyone older than me like that, no matter what the age. I think i would have slapped her too! :) xx

Clippy Mat said...

Hey U.D. Diva, thanks for coming by and for the kind words and for not being a cheeky young upstart. (joke)