Tuesday, January 8, 2008

the fat lady is singing

i have all of the diet books.
i have a scale.
i have a treadmill.
i have two of those exercise balls
i have weights
(don't use any of them)
i know the fruits, vegetables, protein and carbs amounts that i should eat
i have joined weight watchers several times
i've paid lots of money to be starved and to be injected with vitamins by trained nurses and doctors
i have had gym memberships
i have exercised like a mad woman for intermittent periods of time.
however, i am still, unfortunately, "eff ay tee."
but enough is enough!


sweatin-like-a-fat-lass-in-a-chip-shop said...

I hear ya!

Clippy Mat said...

let's hear it for the fat lasses!