Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm joining the club.

It's a big club but i've decided to join. I'm becoming a blogger. I love reading blogs and i thought i might want to start my own. so.......... here it is. there's nothing in particular to write about for the first one, but watch this space. inspiration to follow...........

in case you don't want to hang around on mine, waiting for me,waiting for the muse, you might want to read my daughter in law's blog while mine is getting started. but don't forget to come back again.
hers is
she writes mostly about her two lovely children, julian and nora and the happenings in their family. i can't start my day until i've read it.

what shall i write about? how do you actually decide what is 'blogworthy'? not sure about that one but maybe the answer will come in time..........

today is the second last day of freedom before i go back to work next monday. Ugh, I hate the thought of it. i'm moving to a new location, with new students and i just don't know if I can be bothered, at my old age, to start again from scratch. i am not sure if I have it in me anymore! but that just might be the holiday blahs; cos i've been 'off' for a while.

i was babysitting my little grandson ben today. what a joy he is. he is so fascinating. you can see him thinking as he watches you and then copies what you do. he's 18 months old and is just completely adorable.

the amazing thing about children, which you (or maybe that was just me) only really understand fully when you become a grandparent, is that they are completely 'clean slates' they are ready and willing to learn and grow in whichever way we want to teach them.

he played with playdough, painted a picture, crayoned a masterpiece, played outside in the snow, got a ride on his sled, had lunch, cleaned up his cars and toys and then went for a nap. all so effortlessly.

he makes me want to squeeze him hard and kiss his little face.

grandchildren are so much fun. if i'd known that i'd have had them first. LOL
(i know, i stole that from someone but it's so true. )

come back again, i'm thinking of more stuff :-)


clinka said...

oooh, i'm so proud of you, clippy mat! now i'll start to pester you if you don't post every day :)

i'm off - down the apples & pears.

loads of love,

Clippy Mat said...

good on yer, and don't forget to have yourself a cuppa rosy lee while you're down there :-))

Cockney Girl said...

Well I'm enjoying your writings, you have always had a way with words