Friday, January 4, 2008

The Broons

The Broons taught me so much when I was growing up. I read their comic strip every week in the Sunday Post and always looked forward to Christmas when their annual came out; they alternated years with my other Scottish comic strip favourite, that cheeky bucket sitter, "Oor Wullie."

What did I learn from this large Scottish family? I learned that money and possessions weren't important, that families come in all shapes and sizes and that the mother and father were the centre of the universe.
I learned that family members each have their quirks and differences yet could all exist in the same small house because they loved each other and shared the same values.

In my house things weren't quite as stable as in The Broons' flat at the top of 10 Glebe Street. We didn't have their happy comic strip endings, but I could relate to some of their antics.

That gave me hope. They allowed me to see a successful family who struggled as ours did because we were also a big family. We didn't smile as much or laugh as much and there was a lot more going on in my little house than in theirs, but it was a shining light at the time and still makes me feel good to this day.

I love the Broons; Maw, Paw, Grandpa, Hen, Joe, Maggie, Daphne, Horace, The twins and the Bairn.

My other, safe and warm, happy and caring, childhood family. :-))