Thursday, January 10, 2008

the three "r's revisited; and sleep deprivation

i was putting the garbage in the bin when i noticed something.
a piece of drainpipe.
it was about 18" in length, (i don't do metric) and was made of some kind of metal that is pliable. i suppose "bendy metal" might not be a technical term used in the building trade.
there's probably not an aisle at home depot which says, "AISLE 4 BENDY METAL"
i'm just guessing.
i know it was drainpipe or down spout or whatever it's called because until a while ago it was attached to the gutter on the roof.
but then the snow caused the patio roof to fall and there was a lot of damage. the insurance co. sent a clean up crew. they left something behind.
it was folded into the bin.
who folds a drainpipe and puts it in the bin?
guess who?


m.o.h. is on nightshift which makes him a tad, shall we say, grumpy?
who can blame him?
i have felt slightly homicidal myself when not having enough sleep.
he is sometimes sleep deprived but still tries to keep up a busy schedule.
"i don't do relax" he likes to say.
yesterday we were dropping off some used clothing and household items at the charity shop.
i got out of the truck, juggling a box and several bags, and dropped a bag containing many glass christmas balls.
they went in several directions at once and i was frantically trying to catch them before they all broke and/or went into the puddles, or under a parked vehicle.
i'm guessing that because he thought i was 'wasting my time' recycling christmas balls which he said i should just "dump" (where? in the bin with the drainpipe?) is why my normally helpful hubby didn't offer to get down and help me.
i put this down to his grumpy sleep deprivation.
but i was pretty mad anyway.
there was i scrambling about on all fours in a wet and muddy parking lot gathering up shiny balls while he sat looking at me from lofty heights.
i'm not sure but i think he was shaking his head.

i am a very patient woman.


clinka said...

i've always thought so... :)

kee said...

You bloggers...get us all goin and then ya don;t blog for days...what up with that! Its sun...yuo ain't blogged since thurs...don;t u people know your letin your fans down!

Clippy Mat said...

you mean you actually read this? LOL