Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Be My Valentine?

Yesterday i picked up two of my grandchildren from their daycare. My oldest grandchild had some artwork in his cubby which i scooped up to bring home along with his book club newsletter.

but wait. what's this? it was a valentine made of 3 red hearts on a white sheet of paper.
and it was for me!
my own heart skipped a beat.
little 3 year old grandson had stuck little red hearts on those heart outlines with his own fair, pudgy little hands.
a picasso could not have had more value.

inside the first heart it said, "people i love" the second heart said 'Nanny" (that would be ME!) and the third heart said, "Pop"
that would be my other half.
this brilliant child's extremely lucky grandparents.
i was overcome.
this meant that he had thought of us.
when the teacher had asked him who he loved and wanted to make a valentine for, he had thought of us at that particular moment in time.
how special is that?

little grandson was preoccupied with putting on his boots so he wasn't really making much of my gushings of 'Oh, this is lovely, our very own Valentine! Pop's going to love it."

we picked up his little sister. i'm forgiving her for not making any valentine's because she's only 13 months and is very dainty, so i'm sure she doesn't approve of messy stuff like glue and glitter.... yet...
we get in the truck and i turn to my grandson again and start gushing a bit more about the valentine. he changes the subject, not interested.
but we get to his house and i'm getting him out of his booster when he spies the aforesaid valentine on the front seat, and the penny drops. i'm going to take his artwork home!
"NANNY!" he yells very loudly, and accusingly. "DAT'S MY BALENTINE! YOU CAN'T KEEP IT!!"

i managed to divert him and left it on the front seat as we got into the house.
i told his mom about it as i was leaving.
but i was overheard.
he looked up at me and said witheringly,'next time Grandma's picking me up from school!'
i'm obviously not to be trusted. :-)


wor Vron said...

the cute little bu**a!!!!!!!!!! hope you have your valentine in pride of place....if you dare!!xx

Clippy Mat said...

yes, i'll just have to hide it when he comes over! :-)

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

Ahh,Now I finally know who's been making me laugh, can't wait to sit down and read through your blog.

I just adore Bubbles but my all time favorite is Carol the travel agent, she makes me laugh out loud just thinking of her.


Clippy Mat said...

by all means pull up a chair. just let me fluff the cushions and get you a cuppa. :-)