Sunday, February 24, 2008

D.I.Y. and Y I Detest it.

when we bought this house almost 3 years ago, we (and when i say "we" i mean m.o.h.) had just finished all of the renovations on our former home. we (i.e. he) weren't looking for a challenge as such but we were very naive. we looked around here at the 80's decor and said to ourselves; "oh yes, main floor-new doors, trim, window frames, pull up the carpets, refinish the hardwood underneath, paint and decorate. downstairs redo the family room, update the bathroom and make that other room into a hang out room for our youngest........... shouldn't take long, or much money..."

fast forward to today.
the money that we set aside for the projects was used up within the first few months.the things that we/he did re-do 3 years ago are ready to be re-done. we already need a new coat of paint upstairs.

downstairs is a nightmare.
m.o.h. works hard. he drives miles every day to get to work and he works 3 different shifts. but when he's not at work, he's hard at work here. yesterday he spent hours laying a laminate floor in the basement family room. and it's only 1/2 done. it should have been done much quicker but the floor underneath isn't straight/flat to start with i guess and the planks are not 'clicking' together the way they should.

it's past the point of no return he says and he will just soldier on with it. i, on the other hand, would have ripped it up and snapped one over my knee out of frustration before chucking it all back in the truck and taking it back to the store.
but it is my fault really, because he wanted carpet and i said, 'no, laminate will be much easier to look after'......

talk about blood sweat and tears. it's just one thing after another.
when this house is finally done..... when? i should say, 'if'', then it will be nice that we can start to have a life again.
there's only the upstairs bathroom to do, the downstairs laundry room and that 'hang out room' left to finish.

we should have run a mile when we looked at this place.


Jan said...

welcome to the cheap seats pat!!! chez Lewis is no different, closely akin to the forth bridge.
Jan x

Clippy Mat said...

i know. you'd think we'd learn our lessons one of these days and just sit back and enjoy the view. getting too old for all of this stuff. :-)

Kee said...

Ahh, Pop woarks so hard...I hope its all done soon and you guys can enjoy it although I am starting to think the man does not know how to relax!

Clippy Mat said...

i think i'm going to get him a "lazy boy" for his he deserves it. :-)

wor vron said...

now you know my bruv in law just loves to have the house just right for his english relatives to visit -but get that man a 'lazy boy 'he deserves it!

Anonymous said...

aww pop
he's lush

Clippy Mat said...

i'm sure it'll be ready for your visit vron :-))
jenn: he's lush, you're right! x

Jan said...

Do you hire out this wonderful man? ... will fund the flight - giggle!

Clippy Mat said...

unfortunately jan he says by the time i'm finished with him there'll be nowt left over :-)