Thursday, February 14, 2008

looking good, feeling great......

When i get out of bed i am not one of those lucky girls who can just run a comb through her hair, add some lipgloss and look fresh and glowing.
i wake up in the morning and, no matter how tidy and bouncy my hair looked as i fell into bed the night before, you can guarantee it will have that just-dragged-through-a-hedge backwards-look. as if i'd gotten off my motorbike after driving through the countryside in a hurricane, sans helmet.

i shower, shampoo, condition, moisturize; apply mousse, styling lotion, then blow dry for volume, add finishing hold and styling clay and then a squirt of hairspray. a minimum of 30 mins from top to bottom.

then there's the make-up, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, eye-liner,eye shadow, eye shadow contour, mascara, translucent powder, blusher.... i like to think of it as the 'natural look'. another 10 mins.


believe me after doing this for about 40 years it's getting very annoying. cos the older you get, the more patching up there is to do! i could use that time doing something else i really like to do. (perhaps staying in bed for an extra 30 minutes)

the other day i saw a youtube video of cher. she's got to be in her mid to late 60's. even with all of the plastic surgery she's had which makes her expressions a tad scary: the make-up! the hair! the stuff she was wearing to make her look not as old as she should!

oy vey, i was tired just thinking about how long it must take.

i bet she resembles me first thing in the morning.

i bet she looks like nick nolte's mug shot too.

*(thanks kee.)


sara said...

I have a very similar routine and I'm 21.
That is tragic!
S x

Anonymous said...

Sarah would be proud...what a great shot of Nick that is!
We think you are lovely everyday...and we even saw you at 7:30am this morning...nothing like Nick Nolte! Kee

Clippy Mat said...

sara: it is tragic you're right. we should put our best faces forward, never mind the slap. you go first! xxxx

Clippy Mat said...

kee, you weren't wearing your glasses this morning were you?

Anonymous said...

lol mom u do look like that of a morning
ha h ha ha

u spin on your head in your sleep!

Clippy Mat said...

's true doesn't matter what i look like when i go to bed... disaster when i wake up. xxx