Monday, February 11, 2008


day two.
no telly today, or yesterday.
but i did get thru several chapters of atonement.
got that for christmas and hadn't as yet opened it.
i think my powers of concentration might be returning.
i'm sitting with my back to the tv, while i'm on the computer, and listening to feist with the headphones on so i can't be distracted.
it's not hard to ignore the telly in this room because m.o.h. has it tuned to soccer/sports for the most part.
i felt a little withdrawal last night beause the grammys were on and i usually like to check out the red-carpet and goggle at the celebrities.
i could hear it from upstairs and overheard a couple of celebs being interviewed as they posed up and down the red carpet.
i was momentarily tempted to take a peek but resisted the urge and got back to the book.
(briony was about to change the lives of everyone around her with her somewhat naive interpretation of events seen and unseen.)
anyhoo, according to the radio on the way to work it doesn't look like i missed much in the grammys.
they ran down the 'highlights' in under one minute.
amy winehouse, kanye west and herbie hancock. and that was it.
herbie hancock?
i have no idea what happened on corrie.
but it's only the ken/deidre/denise triangle.
worth missing that one.
so far, so good.
lent lasts for 40 days and 40 nights.
i think we're into day 35.
not that i'm counting.
no messages from God yet.
i think he must be watching telly.


Kee said...

You go girl! This is going to be so interesting! And the good news for us is we'll get a new blog from you everyday!

Clippy Mat said...

well i can't blog tonight because someobody, who shall remain nameless, is watching american idol behind me here. so i will have to adjourn to my boudoir and read atonement. :-)

Clippy Mat said...
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Jan said...

Although i gave up watching soaps many years ago, in the name of friendship i will gladly revive the habit,if only to keep you updated. Corrie; Martha Longhurst, Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner, I'll keep you well informed of their daily exploits.

Clippy Mat said...

jan, you really did give up soaps years ago didn' you? martha/ena/elsie!!! and i bet you still remember mr. papadopolous.....??
now i feel really shallow.