Monday, March 24, 2008

have you seen my.....??

in the week that our lovely daughter has returned to the nest for a visit our quiet life has been turned upside down.
the phone rings constantly, (it's never for us), bathrooms are always taken over and strange noises are heard when the lights go out and we retire for the night.
apparently this is when the rest of the world comes to life. when they start to make plans and phone each other or drop by for a visit.
she has had quite a few visits from her friends. on the first day after she arrived several of them dropped by to hug and scream and to become reacquainted.
when they left i found a lovely pair of sunglasses on the coffee table. i'm guessing they're designer sunglasses cos these girls have taste and clearly also have money to burn.
one of the girls had to return later because she'd left her lap top....??
the next day was a night out with said friends and they dropped by to get ready.
when they left i found a phone charger.
on the weekend lots of gorgeous young girls dropped by to pre-party before they went out on the town. when they left there was a wake of empty bottles and glasses and a bedroom which looked like the changing room of a major department store; clothes strewn everywhere and bags and coats to be claimed later.
in the morning there were two girls to each bed and two couches with bodies on them.
gradually they thinned out and when i got back from church they'd all gone.
left behind; a pair of track pants and a t shirt.
a shiny black clutch purse with a cell phone, camera and a wallet in it.
a green earth shopping bag,
a large plastic la coste bag,
an unfinished bottle of vodka and two full bottles of beer, the latter in a bag on the front porch,
a pair of boots and a pair of shoes.
when i went to tidy the spare room i saw something sticking out from under the bed--a blue strapless bra.
a girl dropped by to claim the track pants and shirt, but they had been taken by someone else who said she would return them to the owner as she would be the first to see her.
the black clutch purse was returned to the young lady, the same one who'd returned the day or so before because she'd forgotten her lap top.
she lives quite a distance away but she doesn't seem to mind driving back and forwards when she forgets stuff.
one of jenn's friend's called to ask if she'd left her bangles.
i haven't found them.
another friend arrived tonight for a visit. but she had to leave again because she'd left her cell phone on a window ledge somewhere.
there's like a bermuda triangle for the possessions of these chicks.
before jenn left to go to england we did a clear out. i donated unclaimed boots, shoes, hats, tops and pants, shorts, the unmatching tops and bottoms of bikinis and a skirt. all of which had been accumulated over the years and went from living in her dresser to a box in the basement for another year and had even moved house with us about 3 years ago. we still have a large black bag for skis but no-one has ever claimed it.
in the summer a strange man showed up at my door with a bike which he claimed was jenn's. i stared at it until recognition set in.
he said they were cleaning out their garage and found four of them and he was returning them to their rightful owners.
i think he was just sick of taking care of other people's possessions myself.
i asked him if he was missing a ski bag but he wasn't.
he said he'd put the word out.


Jan said...

Oh happy days, but were we any different? only inasmuch as we didn't have their disposable incomes perhaps and what did 'designer' stuff mean to us in the early 70's? - something to ponder.So happy that your together and having fun, aren't daughters wonderful?
Jan x

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha
v funny mom

it's true though, there really was that much stuff!

xx jenn

Kee said...

The Lacoste bag is mine and I am also missing a pair of sunglassess...not kidding. Black with rhinestones on the side.

Clippy Mat said...

Jan: you're right of course and it's also true that we didn't have the same kind of 'stuff' to leave lying around back in the day.
kee: nice try, but the sunglasses were here BEFORE you got back from FLA. however, i do have a nice jacket that might fit you! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Clipster

re left behind items etc. Cant say I ever had that guess Claire & her freinds were too young (i.e. not part of disposable generation) to have much stuff to leave behind. Would like to think that Mummy's careful/tidy influence had something to do with it but I doubt it very much!! As Claire left home to live/work in Germany at 19 I never reallyexperienced a house full of shrieking teenage girls preparing for a neet oot on the hoy/lash much. Just a few scrumbles before the school discos!!
I can't think of anything I have ever left behind me other than a fart or a dirty nappy!!

with much love, Helenxxxx

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

I just love this post, they all sound adorable but a bit ditzy, just as any young carefree girl should be!Gorgeous.

Clippy Mat said...

yes, emma kate, ditzy and carefree. ah those were the days LOL :-)