Friday, March 21, 2008

time is flying by

so we waited, and waited. you start to think she's not coming. did she get on the plane? did her bags get on the plane? perhaps she was confused and went the wrong way and ended up on a plane to khazakstan instead?
and then there she was...
and it looks like i've dived on her and am strangling her i think. but it felt so good to get that hug after all this time.
now the first week is almost over and it's been hectic. of course i'm at work and so is her dad and the rest of the family too. we are trying to fit in snatches of conversations here and there in between her seeing her many friends and our being on the go. it's a challenge. i know when she goes back i'm going to think of everything that i wanted to talk about.


Anonymous said...

ahh it brings a tear to my Bartley's always have your camera at hand!!Enjoy all your time together -love and hugs
Vron xxxx

Kee said...

Ah, so sweet. You can feel the excitement and anticipation. The first week has flown by way too quickly and I don't feel I am getting enough quality time beacuse of work and all that. Hopefully time will slow down a bit tomorrow as we all celebrate Easter together. We have to take every second we can and cherish it.

sara said...

awww wish I could have been there..
sitting in bed catching up on my bloggs with Jenn's laptop...shhhh don't tell her!

Anonymous said...

that's nice mom

and kee and vron and sara


Watermelon said...

I've got huge lump in me throat cos I haven't seen me bairn in ages. Every time I see a pic of your beautiful Jenn I look to find some resemblance to you at that age cos you were so lovely too.But, nope apart from a similarity in face shape she doesn't look like me old pal Clippymat at the same age! First time I visited my daughter in US I burst into tears as soon as I saw her (It had been a few years) she turned to her then husband & said "That's 10 bucks you owe me I told you she'd cry!" - heartless little madam making money out of her mothers misery!!!!