Friday, April 11, 2008

This blog is....

not completely dead.
the last few weeks were just too busy. jenn's visit was great; but short. she's gone back to england again and is once more settling down to her new life.
the two weeks since she left have been difficult. for reasons that are nothing at all to do with her visit, they happened to just coincide with her leaving.
some people write about everything that happens to them no matter how big or how small. i just couldn't write about the last few weeks.
i can only write about how much i love the people in my family. all of them. and how i care very much about what happens to every one of them. that i need them to know i will always be there for them. all of them. i want someone special to know that things happened and that it wasn't their fault. in fact i want two special people to know that. i want to get through the present time and feel that we will all come out stronger and more together. that we learn and we grow and we can change. everyone can change if they face up to what they need to leave behind. it's never too late.
we don't have long on this earth. we need to live our best lives and to be unselfish and to put others first.
"self last!"
help me to remember that.
this is a picture of art garfunkel. i took it a few years ago when i saw him in niagara falls. he was singing "bridge over troubled water". i listen to that song a lot.
i'm glad that people leave comments or send me an email. that feels great.
thanks. :-))))))


clinka said...

well said. jbxo

Anonymous said...

you are our bridge over troubled water

Clippy Mat said...

thanks clinka and anon. (?)
who could that be now???

Sara said...

so right, i love you.
I need a cuddle off me aunty pat!

Clippy Mat said...

one cuddle on it's way to you sara. xxxx and hugs. a.p.xx

Watermelon said...

I'm fed up and feeling flat, wish I had an Aunty Pat.
Now that I've written it I feel such a booby, I don't need a Pat cos I've got a RUBY!!!!!

Clippy Mat said...

watermelon aka helen:
ha ha
i'm clippy mat on here but always ruby to you pet :-)
and you are hereby awarded one cuddle on our next meet up.

Anonymous said...

ruby patricia

my lil girl one day i hope :)

xx jenn

Clippy Mat said...

Ruby Patricia? really?
after moi?
i'm so honoured xxx