Tuesday, May 6, 2008

odds and sods

didn't have a particular thought but a few things have been running around in my head this week.
one: youngest child has moved into her own apartment last weekend. when i phoned she put me on speaker phone cos she was up a ladder, with a duster! after having just vacuumed and dusted the nooks and crannies of her bedroom.
'not up to your standard yet then?' i enquired with tongue in cheek.
this is the child whose bedroom at home only lacked yellow tape around the perimiter to define it as a crime scene.

my oldest grandson. that would be the 3 year old, came in the other day and paolo nutini was on the c.d. player. he stopped in the doorway momentarily and began to nod his head and sing along to 'rewind'. "i'm not sleeping at night, but i'm going from bar to bar...." quite unselfconsciously and unaware of how surreal a moment that was. wow!

the next in line grandchild, the one that's not yet 2 is a stuntman in the making. in the space of five minutes the other day he had stood on top of a riding toy and balanced like someone who rides horses bareback in the circus. he climbed on the coffee table a few times and scaled the couch and a chair and almost toppled several times. then he decided to demonstrate a stance on top of his red felt 'cars' chair. it was only a few inches off the floor. he toppled and cracked his head on the side of the couch. blood and panic, screams and shock. me and his mom were both overcome by the blood and my only reaction was to cover it with my hand while she ran to get a cold cloth. ??? i kept the pressure on while the blood ran thru my hands onto my white shirt and jacket sleeves. what a state we were in. poor little soul. he didn't need stitches thankfully but i think he's guaranteed to have some before he's 2!! wow, he's a dreamboat tho'.

then there's the little lady of the bunch. she's just so damn cute and sweet and also very bossy. last weekend she had me on a string. she would throw and i would fetch. and she never got sick of it. i picked it up and walked about with it for five minutes until i thought she'd forgotten about it, (it being a shoe, or a hat, or a soother, or another shoe, or a sock) then after i'd slid it back into the wagon without acknowledging anything; bam, there it was again lying on the path behind us as we walked along. but when i picked her up she put two hands on either side of my face and looked right into my eyes. then she leaned her head into my neck. wow!

update on my hair do dilemma. kee told me the other day that her great hairdresser was willing to take me on. she'd even give me a discount for my first visit and was sure she could help me solve my problems with my 'do's'. i was quite ecstatic. then i asked where does your hairdresser work now? because i knew she'd just recently re-located.
DAMN! it turns out she has moved to the same salon as another former hairdresser of mine and they work side by side!
i am so screwed.


Kee said...

Great blog...I have not yet figured out if Ben is clutzy like me as a child and an adult for that matter or training to be a professional stuntman..I think the latter of the two. Thank god you were here that morning. You did a much better job than I did. All I did was say oh my god he's bleeding!
I also think you should try my hairdresser...but wear a wig and large sunglasses so the old hairdresser won't recognize you!
Happy Mother's Day Nannie!

Anonymous said...

that was lovely


Clippy Mat said...

you're welcome pet :-)