Saturday, May 17, 2008

that was the week that was

cobwebs on this blog again.
i really do want to keep it going but have nothing in particular to say at this time.
i'm just a bit tired.
and a tad weary.
and world weary.
and there are too many disasters in the world going on.
too much to understand there.
worn out.
because i've had a virus or flu for a week or more.
fed up.
used up.
chewed up and spat out.
down but definitely not out.
so i spent this morning that i planned to write on here reading other people's blogs and some of them were so funny/interesting i got caught up and then realized i'd run out of the time that i had set aside to do mine.
so i went back on the bbc world news website because i like to read that every morning and i saw a link that said "10 things" so i thought i'd just pinch that and that will be my blog for the time being.
until i get inspired again.
or feel less blah.
the number 10 thing was that, contrary to popular belief, sloths aren't lazy.
apparently they only sleep for 9.6 hrs per day as compared to the python who sleeps 18 hrs a day. so there.
all along it was the sneaky slithery python who was the laziest and the one to which we should compare those who are the most 'slothful'?
see it just can't be done.
'snakeful' just doesn't have the same ring.
'pythonful' also. not working.
the number 9 to 1 things were, i have just now realized, too boring to include.
so i jumped to another link which talked about the most hated celebrities. keeping in mind this is the UK so you will know heather mills but might not know kerry katona.
well anyway, nobody likes them.
all i know about kerry katona is that she is in every hello or OK mag from the uk that i ever saw. and i couldn't figure out why.
they don't like amy winehouse either.
or victoria beckham.
i'm kind of glad that they don't like vicky becks because she annoys me and is the epitome of shallow to me who likes to think of myself as being above her. so there.
and the other disliked celebs i can't remember.
and something else.
some canadian woman is going to marry princess anne's son.
he's 11th in line to the throne so she has converted from catholicism to his religion...? royal pain in the arse? to protect his ability to take the throne (!) if 10 royals drop down dead all of a sudden and they should need a new king.
thank god for that.
where on earth would we be if that should happen?
if it did happen and god forbid she was still a catholic then that would mean he wouldn't be able to be king on top of it all.
which if you were him, might kind of suck.
so that's all for now.
sorry about the cobweb pic that's all i could find online that remotely linked to what i was on about.
or not.


Anonymous said...

blow those cobwebs off and get up again.
you can do it!
Vicky x x

Anonymous said...

awwww you and your blogs make my day, loving both your posts a.p!!

i feel very amy winehouse at the moment, black eyes, backcombed hair and very hungover

lots of love

Kee said...

Glad you have come out of the web and are feeling better Mp.

Clippy Mat said...

sara: on you the a.winehouse look is 'chic and hip', on me NOT so much. LOL
kee: thanks :-))

Helen Urwin said...

Kerry Katona is a minor Z-list celebrity who used to be in some crappy girlband over here & was briefly married to someone called Brian from a boy band - Westlife/Boyzone Westzone/Lifeboy watever!! Since then her main claim to fame is that she is the porky 'face' in the crummy ads for a frozen food outlet called 'Iceland' whose rubbishy tagline chirrupped by the overweight & overpaid Kerry after stuffing her telly family with its wares is 'That's why Mum's go to Iceland!'

Clippy Mat said...

lifeboy! LOL :-))