Saturday, June 14, 2008

gone too soon

I realized i hadn't blogged for a few days and i was browsing the net and thinking about what i was going to write about when i saw on the bbc website that Tim Russert had died.
I just feel so sad.
as a political commentator he was second to none.
i really liked this man. he was so watchable and so likable. he could give an insight into american politics and analyse the big issues without bias and you just knew he knew exactly what he was talking about.
he was trustworthy.
he asked the right questions.
he got the right answers.
and when they evaded his questions you knew that he had asked the right ones.
he had a nice sense of humour and a warm and caring personality.
he would be the ultimate fantasy dinner guest.
i had wanted to get a copy of his book, 'big russ and me' but i hadn't got around to it.
i will now.
he wrote about his father, a sanitation worker who raised four children in buffalo, n.y. where the russerts lived.
i remember him talking about his father when the book came out and it was a lovely interview.
his father has outlived him.
tim was only 58.
what is sadder still is that there's no one of the same caliber to replace him.
big shoes to fill.


wor vron said...

Thats sad, but he's left a big impression -another book I'll have to read when I come over to visit!

Dave Morris said...

I felt like hell when I heard the news. You just hate to see the good ones fall, especially in the prime of life. Not that all deaths aren't tragic, but deep down you'd rather see it happen to a scoundrel.