Wednesday, June 4, 2008

memoirs and musings

when my new diet and exercise book comes out here's some of the things that it will tell you.
you can call this a 'sneak peek'.
dieting is a horrible way to live.
exercise is boring and repetitive and it kills your routine and interferes with good habits like lying about and sitting at your computer.
food is good.
no food is bad.
there you have the first 3 chapters.
i can see the jacket sleeve now.
the forward written by oprah.
speaking of oprah, james frey was on t.v. last night.
i am looking forward to reading his new book.
the following is a quote taken from the disclaimer he was forced to include in further copies of
' a million little pieces' after it was exposed as a fabrication of lies.
(gasp. a memoir that was not true?! how could this happen?)
i still liked it as one of the best reads ever but i didn't believe all of it in the first place.
too bad in some ways that he did it that way.
but his 'new career' is proving the old adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity.
" I made other alterations in my portrayal of myself, most of which portrayed
me in ways that made me tougher and more daring and more aggressive
than in reality I was, or I am. People cope with adversity in many different
ways, ways that are deeply personal. I think one way people cope is by developing
a skewed perception of themselves that allows them to overcome
and do things they thought they couldn’t do before. My mistake, and it is
one I deeply regret, is writing about the person I created in my mind to
help me cope, and not the person who went through the experience
that makes sense to me.
we all do it.
just me then.
his new book is called, "bright shiny morning."
some reviewers like it some don't apparently.
there's a revelation.
i shall make up my own mind thank you.
but i bet it won't be on oprah's book club list!
speaking of oprah.
her talk show viewers are dropping off.
ha ha that's a good sentence.
what i should have said is that her viewer numbers are dropping.
hmmm, discuss!
have you ever seen an ugly audience member with less than perfect teeth, hair or dress sense on 'oprah'?
no, me either.
do they have a make up artist and dental hygienist on standby?
or do they have a selection line outside the studio?
checking teeth, hair and polyester labels.
"ugly people to the left please."
maybe that's where "gerry" gets his audience.
ok, i really should get ready for work.
i got up early to exercise!!


Andrew said...

oprah's audience numbers dropping off? what next, front page headlines, 'american's come to their senses.' pretty soon people will start thinking for themselves. could be dangerous. perhaps they aren't watching tv because they are attending oprah university or oprah church...or maybe they're shopping at the oprah mall. no worries, she'll find a way to profit if they stop watching. she's savvy! yes you are savvy harpo, i believe everything you sell me, sorry tell me.

she outed james frey as a fabrication. ha. too funny for words. do they not teach irony at oprah university?

enough posts on hair dilemmas. i want more of this good stuff. next let's do rosie.
lots of love
son 1

Clippy Mat said...

ouch! poor oprah.
and don't start on rosie! at least on rosie's old magazine covers she wasn't retouched to look 50 pounds slimmer. she keeps it real (doesn't she?) whether you like her or not. (NOT in your case. i'm guessing)
what you are trying to say is that talk show hosts like rosie and oprah are phonies? what? NO, never.
i used to love rosie's show.
and didn't even mind her on 'the view' for that matter.
how can oprah be on the newstand on the front of a tabloid looking like an explosion in a mattress factory, next to the cover of her magazine "O" where's she's smiling out looking glam and sveltde and SLIM?
how do they do that?
do you think they do something to her mag covers???
i bet you don't even like ELLEN!

but thanks for your comments. :-))
p.s. i dislike Madge as much as you dislike Opie.
wanna fight?

Clippy Mat said...

p.p.s i know, there is no 'd' in svelte before you correct me sir!

Kee said...

You know you have written a damn fine post when Andrew who I didn't event know read the blog tabloids comments!
I am looking forward to reading Frey's new book as like you I enjoyed Million Little Pieces.