Monday, July 14, 2008

blighty, and all of my stuff.

i'm off home tomorrow. when i say home i mean my former home, i.e. england.
going to see some of my favourite people in the world:
my dad, my sister and her family, my brothers and their families andof course youngest daughter who lives in england.
can't wait.
i'm all packed.
i had a moment of panic though when i was tidying up earlier on.
i realized how much 'stuff'' i have which is particular to only me.
by that i mean, boxes with photos in that i need to finish sorting; boxes with letters from friends and family that i have amassed over the last 36 years; boxes with mementos of my kids' childhoods.
mountains of books and miscellaneous accumulations of 'important' papers some of which refer to the family tree that i've been working on for the last five years or so.
the thing is, i thought about them and i wondered what on earth would happen to them if anything happened to me and i didn't come back. ( i know that's morbid) but you can't help getting in touch with your mortality a bit when you are about to fly the friendly skies.
who would sort out my 'belongings' and would anyone care enough about them, or even 1/2 as much as i have done judging by how many years i've kept them.
what would become of my sad collections of things which are meaningful only to me?
oh well, let's hope we never have to find the answer to that one out. at least for a while yet.
i will keep on streamlining 'my stuff' down to minimalist essentials. but some things you just have to process first right? and that takes a while...............

here are some of the people i'm going to miss while i'm gone.
what a good looking crew we are when we get done up.
what a bunch of wonderful people who i am lucky enough to have in my life.
each one of them is special and each one of them is unique.
i am truly blessed.
i love them all so much.
(no, i haven't been drinking.)

here's a few more special people who i love and will miss.
i can't stand how cute they are and how much i want to hug them and smother them with kisses. sadly they are no longer babies and are already little boys who are selective about when they allow nanny to 'smooch' them now.
here's the youngest member of the family. but don't let that innocent expression of sweetness and light fool you.
she's in control and has everyone right where she wants them.
and don't try to vie for her affections. she gives, but be careful, cos she can also take it all away. just like that.
the three most adorable children in all of the world.
are you kidding me?
you think you know some others that are cuter?
i don't THINK so! ;-)
so i am going to a place that doesn't have a computer or internet access.
how can that be i ask myself.
i will have to beg and borrow, plead and whine to get a fix.
if and when i do i will try to update my blog with scintillating news from blighty and fabulous shots of events and people.
should be fun.
can't wait to see my f.o.t.h.s again either.
that should be good for some material.
so i will wish myself bon voyage for the time being.
and until we meet again...............
clippy mat, over and out. xx


Dave Morris said...

The trip sounds like a delight. Enjoy and take it all in. Then hurry and get back home - I won't have a thing to read while you're away.

Wor Vron said...

hurry home to blighty sis -love ya xxxx

Clippy Mat said...

thanks dave. :-) i'll be trying to blog from afar. might be difficult without a computer tho'.

see you soon little vron. :-)

Emma-Kate Castricum said...

What gorgeous pictures, talk about a spunky family. As for the last one of Nora, she really looks like a little doll. Have a great trip 'home',