Wednesday, July 9, 2008

moving right along.

from my last post that is.
i feel sad every time i click on it and i haven't been able to think of anything else to say for a week or so.
that image just keeps shutting me down.
so i thought, just do something so that there's something else here.

let. me. think.....................

great nanny noo noo.
oldest great-grandson gave her that name.
she has a hard time getting her tongue around it all when she speaks to the great-grandkids and says things like, 'come to great nanny noo noo'. it just comes out wrong.
she gets mixed up and sometimes says, "great aunty noonoo, or nanny nanny noonoo."
but last night's was the classic.
she said to second great-grandchild, 'come and sit on ..... (pause while she gets her head around her new title)..... ya aunt fanny's lap.'
i almost fell over.

great nanny noo noo is a very tidy person.
if you put something down and turn around she has moved it.
a place for everything.
i came in the house tonight and had just started to put some dishes in the dishwasher leaving her outside in the back yard.
resting quietly in a deck chair, or so i hoped.
i heard her calling my name and when i got to the back door there she was, standing fully dressed and dripping wet from head to foot.
'i fell in the pool' she announced.
'you don't say.'
she's not a good swimmer and the deep end was over her head cos she's only five feet one.
i didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
so naturally i laughed.
she had decided to lean over and grab the pool toys that second great-grandson had left floating in the pool only seconds before when his mom and dad took him home.
and she overstretched and ...'SPLOOSH!' (that's the word she used.)
i would have paid money to see it but she refused to do a re-enactment.
spoil sport.

we went to a wedding on saturday.
yesterday we were reviewing some of the photos on the computer.
she showed me the ones of herself that she didn't like and asked me to 'dilute them'.

but this one's my favourite.
she went for lunch with a lady friend one day.
'where did you go?' i asked when she returned.
'oh to that place where you get the chicken.' she replied.
'egyptian cottage'. she suddenly remembered.
'oh' says i, quickly realizing what she was referring to. 'you mean 'swiss chalet'.
'yes,' she says, ' i knew it was something like that.'
well i can see how you would confuse the two.

one more.
youngest child living in england was staying with great nanny noo noo for a while.
she spent a lot of time texting her boyfriend and he her.
back and forwards.
one night they fell out and then broke up via text.
she came stomping into great nanny noo noo's bedroom at night to say that the big romance was off.
great nanny noo was perturbed.
'but you've never left the house.' she said. 'how did you break up with him?'
youngest child living in england shook her mobile phone.
'oh you were on your 'walky-talkies' she said.
i rest my case.

love her to bits.
next week we are flying back to england together for 2 weeks.
i get to live in her bungalow in pensioner's paradise.
her twin sister lives next door.
it should be fun.


Wor Vron said...

so funny!! she's an amazing woman- cant wait to see you both xx

sara said...

this made me laugh so much- can't believe she feel in the pool - bless

Kee said...

I had finally stopped crying when I had to re-read this....ahhh LOVE her to death! She had a good one tonight at dinner and I have alreay forgot it...must keep pen and paper handy when noo-noo is around. Give her another big kiss and hug for me and tell her I love her. Breaks my heart to think of how much Ben will miss hiss Nooooooo Nooooooooo! xoxoxox

Clippy Mat said...

i know, it's always so sad to see her go. she loves her family so much. great nanny noo noo. one of a kind! xxx