Wednesday, August 27, 2008

bits and bobs

i am waiting for a reply from the airline that bumped me when i came back from england.
don't think i'm expecting anything by way of apology or explanation or even compensation, yeah like that's going to happen. that would be TOO much to ask.
i'm becoming daily more of a bitter and twisted cynic, but i would like some kind of acknowledgement of my discomfort and the fact that they didn't give a rat's and that they broke my picture.
because they let some moron put 3 golf bags on top of it as it came down the belt.
we shall see.
i emailed them and got the standard automated response, 'we will contact you within 28 days.'
i am waiting.
but not holding my breath.

****stop press
guess what just arrived in the mail?
a huge cardboard circular container that looked like this was on my doorstep when i got home.
the mailing sticker gave away the contents.
"POSTER" it said.
and i just knew.
it was my dear old friend june.
(well no, not HER exactly)
but she had sent me another picture to replace the one i'd bought when she and i had a lovely day out together.
but this was more.
much more.
this was a huge poster of the print i'd originally wanted (but that wasn't then available) when i bought my "tynemouth sunrise" one.
by the same artist.
this one is a field of poppies and it's absolutely GORGEOUS.
rolled up inside it was another print which was the sunrise one.
what can i say?
who would do that for me?
how kind, how thoughtful.
i am just so delighted and touched and i had to shed a tear.
plus a little prayer of thanks to the fact that i'm blessed with such a nice friend.
who's had her own troubles recently but still thought of me.
can't wait to get it framed and hung.
of course, if i'd bought a print without the frame in the first place i could have saved myself all of the heartache i know.
another lesson learned.


Anonymous said...

aww that was really nice of june

stupid airline.


Dave Morris said...

Think they'll give you a free ticket somewhere??? That would be pretty sweet...

Clippy Mat said...

it was wasn't it?
a free ticket? excuse me while i fall off the chair. thunk!
what would be nice would be if they respond to my email and say oops sorry. any more than that would be impossible.
but i do admire your optimism :-))

Smileygirl said...

I love the title of this post. Your words and phrases crack me up! And your comment about Chumley trying to blink made me laugh so hard.

Also meant to ask re: David Beckham: what's a wally??

Clippy Mat said...

laura/smiley girl:
hope you will read this.
a wally. let me see.
it's kind of self-explanatory really, trying to think of an american expression that compares. but i can't...
he looks like a total idiot in that pic don't you think? like, 'ooh look at me i'm so sexy'... which we know he is, but don't try too hard cos now you just look daft.

and also, ta for the nice things you said. i love it that you visit because i'm a big fan of yours.