Sunday, August 24, 2008

the one that got away.......... from gary....

this is the giant plate of fish and chips that brought wor gary to his knees.
famed as he was, legend in his own mind, yorkshire puddin' eatin' champeen o' the north east of england.
this was the dish that did for him.
let's all sing "dance to ya daddy"
"thoo shall hev a fishy on a little dishy, when the boat comes in...."

he looks quite calm here doesn't he?
look closely, it's panic in those eyes.
he was still waiting for someone to say 'gotcha'.

'is this a joke?" he whimpered.

he knew he was in danger of losing his title.
knew that he'd met his match this time.

let's all sing...

"thoo shall hev a haddock, when the boat comes in."

tactics were to start in the middle and just eat his way out to the edges.

ah, he gave it his best shot but he was no match for the big fish on the day.

never mind gary, there's always next year, "ye can gan back an' hev another go bonny lad."

the king has lost his crown.
this is where he went down.

waterford arms

seaton sluice

26 july, 2008

bless him.
go back to yorkshire puddin's hinny. xxx


Deb x said...

Aunty Pat you crack me up, you should have seen the fear on Garys face when he saw 'that fish' again! To funny, absolulte belta keep em coming!

Clippy Mat said...

debs/gary: i tell you something, just looking at that plate of fish 'n chips makes me homesick. i could eat at least 1/2 of that! xxx a.p.

Vron said...

it was that helpin of bread and butter that did it Gary wasnt it ?!
Nice try!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha thats a great one
love the pics

gary's a legend
yummm i want fish and chips!!