Tuesday, September 16, 2008

brain dead

that's me.
brain dead.
i got nothing.

it's been a week since i blogged.
i can't think of one thing to write about.

i've tried several times but it's no good.
bear with me.
i went back to work last week so maybe it's because of that.
i've been busy.
after a summer of following my own lovely (i.e. selfish) agenda.
now i have to get with the program again.
i have to do lots of brainy stuff and my head hurts.

on my first day back, i couldn't remember how to work the photocopier to double side and collate.
i left two messages on answering machines with my contact number and gave the wrong number.
so i called back to correct that mistake and left another wrong number.

i called students to give them their start dates and times, left messages and gave them the wrong days.
luckily when they called back sounding very confused i managed to lie my way out of it by explaining that they (not me) had made a mistake.
(obviously brain function in the lying hemisphere is not too dormant.)

i forgot how to copy my stats forms from the master c.d. onto an excel spreadsheet.
i just sat there and looked at the disc, then the screen and tried to will them both to 'merge'.
they refused to accommodate me.

my brain is hurty.
i am supposed to teach adults about the three R's.
i can't quite remember what they are.
when i go to bed at night i'm tired people.
tired, you hear me?
i need time to adjust okay?

that's all i got.


Gina said...

good luck!! && it's always best to make people think it's their mistake and not yours :)

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm right there with ya, Sista! We've been back to work for almost 4 weeks, and I STILL feel like this! :(

sara said...

hurty! ha ha that is something I would say.

Anyways, this is just not good enough A.P, I've missed you, so stopped being tired!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I know exactly how you feel. 18 units this semester. Argh!

Tismee2 said...

I'm sooooooo glad you haven't got anything to blog (lol) because now you said that I'm intrigued as to what your job is because it sounds like you do something similar to what I have done up until recently.

I am a college lecturer but now work in Work based learning (apprenticeship programmes?) but I am a qualified literacy and numeracy teacher. I have worked with adults on various programmes for a good few years. Would you e-mail me and let me know???

I didn't realise you followed my blog - thanks very much.


Suz said...

Poor thing. I am sure you will get back into the groove soon. Our brains take time to re-awaken. Kind of like our bodies need time to get back into the whole exercising thing....oh, that is much worse than the brain I think???

Smileygirl said...

MAybe you need that one herb that is supposed to be good for memory...what's it called???? I'm not even kidding I can't remember!!

GInseng??? Is that it?

Kee said...

unbale to comment on your new blog?
but wtf? have you lost it? i mean really?
like the new gereatic friendly clock on your blog too-in case i need the time while i am enjoying your blog