Monday, September 8, 2008

vengeance is MINE!!

if i had time, and if i wasn't the sane, rational woman which of course i am.....

i would pull into the driveway of the sleeping students across the street as i leave for work.

i would turn the radio in my truck to full volume and open all of the doors so they could get full benefit of the sound of raging, mental, heavy metal music.

for emphasis i'd blow the car horn a few times before setting off the alarm with the panic button.

i would yell, shout, sing, scream, dance, swear, fight, crash bang and wallop and loudly guffaw as i fell about over the empty beer bottles, dead pizza boxes and plastic lawn chairs that are festooning the front of the property.

i would scream and giggle like an hysterical girl who has had too much beer and thinks that everyone wants to hear me yell, 'yayyyyymudderpudderinterrelpaarrrrrdddaaayyouasshooooooollle' whatever THAT means.

then i'll yell, 'pizza's here'. 'PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZ-ZA' fourteen times.

after that i'll get a frisbee out and toss that around among the guys and the gals while party girl screams her rebel yell and i'll top it off with a game of basketball. cos there's nothing like a banging ball on the asphalt when you're trying to sleep.

but that would just be mean wouldn't it?

and inconsiderate.

after all, they have to get their sleep before they get up and go to class at 2.00 this afternoon. and it's been a heavy weekend.

shhh, let them sleep.

i'll just go and buy a gun!


Gina said...

ahahahahaaa. that is a fabulous idea and it would be excellent if you actually did it!! they wouldn't know what hit them! I like your blog, it makes me laugh! i know how it feels not to get comments,though when i do get one it really makes my day :)

sara said...

haha this is why Jenn wrote the lady upstairs a note telling her to sleep out on saturday. I'm really glad she did because the pre drinks till 9pm turned into a wild party until 4am. whoooops!

Anonymous said...

makes you feel old don't it ....judi

Clippy Mat said...

gina: i'm coming over there right now and i will leave you a lovely comment. thanks for dropping by.

sara: that's because i brought up my daugher to be considerate and polite. whereas these young dudes were raised by savages.

judi: old and crotchety ha ha

Attila The Mom said...

I'll make you cookies if you do it. LOL

clinka said...

no, no, no... you are approaching the situation all wrong.

what you need to do is wake them at 7am with a list of chores that need to be done around your house, while forcing them to listen to celine dion. for lunch they will be fed fruits and vegetables. they must drink water, lots of it. the afternoon will consist of a crochet class, and beading 101.

oh they will pay... they will pay.

Clippy Mat said...

my wrath has cooled because the weekend is over,.... but come fri/sat/sun.......... who knows what will happen?

Anonymous said...

lol o god
yeah jules thatll get em
i went over in my dressing gown one night and said turn the music down my grandma doesnt need to know about whos tapping whos ass (referring to the rap music)


ChiTown Girl said...

Bwah hahahaha!! Love it!!

Suz said...

ooohhhh I know that feeling. That is the feeling we "grown Ups" feel for those young kids with no real repsonisbilities yet. (oh, the good old days)
I say you do it. They will forever call you the crazy neighbor lady.
But that is ok.
have fun. life is short. :)