Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last of the Summer Whine

moving right along from my last post and trying not to be sour about the fact that nobody EVER comments, (except mostly helen and sara xxx) and trying not to ask myself WHY do i bother? because that would just make me sound bitter, shallow and twisted.
and god knows, i'm all of that.
you got a problem with that?
just kidding.
well only a bit.
i mean i like writing my blog.
presumably somebody reads it because occasionally the stat counter, crawls up by one, sometimes even two!!
oh the joy!

you don't have to like it.
in fact, you can just go
(sound of you blowing a raspberry)
'byaaacchh' (hairball)
or even say,

i don't care.

just don't IGNORE me, as that crazy psycho woman on fatal attraction said to michael douglas.
before she boiled his kid's bunny and terrorized his wife.
NOT, that i would do that to you.
you may rest easily.
i don't know you do i?

but hell, there's music now for gawd's sake.
there's books to read and there's other people's blogs to link to if you get bored with mine.
what ELSE do you want?

be honest, was it the giant fish and chips story?
the seeming lack of adventure and excitement in my life?
the fact that i usually blog when i'm sober?
because believe me i can do it when i've been drinking.

but not sure if that's a great idea either.

but wait.
don't leave yet.
i'm changing the subject, honest.
i'll do better.

breaking news.
i DID get a free flight from the airline that bumped me.
oh ye of little faith.
(that would be me)
those super-nice people could NOT apologise enough in their response to my email and i feel vindicated.
mind you they did contradict themselves considerably with respect to the reasons why i was bumped in the first place but i'm easily bought so i'm not going to argue with them am i?

and here's a nice picture if you are looking for something else to entertain you.

come on, don't i look like a fun person to you?

what's your bloody problem then?

you're the one that's got issues not me.
so please yourself.

i don't care anyway.

okay i do.


clinka said...

great post.
only slightly threatening...


ChiTown Girl said...

You absolutely look like a fun person! After that scolding, I knew I had better leave a comment! First time reader here. I stumbled across your blog by way of a friends.

I sometimes feel exactly the same as you do about always bitching on my blog. I'm afraid people will think that's all I do, and that I'm a negative person, which truly I'm not. But, I realized, I just have to let it go. One of the reasons I blog is to be able to vent about things that bother me in a relatively anonymous way. So, bitch on, Sister!

dan said...

interesing post:) Love the way you write!:) and you sure look cute!

Smileygirl said...

I love your blog! I'm just really bad about reading them consistently. =(

Keep on whinin'!!!

Anonymous said...

pat you are one of the people that start my day we may not comment but we are reading KEEP IT COMMING JUDI

Attila The Mom said...

I love that picture!!

I've been really busy lately and not been able to comment on all the blogs. But I'm checking in and will do better!

Clippy Mat said...

now i feel like sally field at the oscars. :-))

it's amazing where a little bit of whiny guilting can get you.
wow, 6 comments!!
well 5 really cos dan i clicked on you and you were a job site in dublin and your comment was a bit weird if you ask me.

i'm delighted that anyone takes the time to read or make a comment. it makes my day.
and i will try to make more comments on other people's blogs too now.

and judi, really? you start your day reading my blog.
i LOVE it.

now i just feel so much better.
and i wouldn't really boil your bunny.

Christina Shaver said...

Since you asked, here's a comment for ya, too. And I feel ya. I know I get hundreds of hits on my blog everyday, but people just whiz on by. Oh well. I don't write it for them anyway. I'll bookmark you, and stop by again!!

Jan said...

I'm here Pat as always - sorry i dont comment as often as i ought but i do lurv your banter, especially the 'great whale' story from the good old Waterford Arms, Seaton Sluice. Keep on with the good work it makes my day.
love Jan x

wor vron said...

"I love Clippy Mat!" keep going pet -your a star.
Was in hairdressers other day reading HELLO and read that they were looking for bolggers to join them -fancy it?? you'd be great slagging off all those celebs!!

Anonymous said...

hi mom
love the blog
and someone up there called you cute!

you are

love ya lots

Sara said...

haha. that have 12 comments now minus the 1 from Dan but now plus 1 from me so thats STILL 12.
I Love love love to read your blog and I'm currently contemplating writing my own. I dont know how I would compare, like.
anyway... I've started my day with your blog and its put a smile on my face. Thank you. now...I better go. I can hear my boss' footsteps!

Clippy Mat said...

bless your cotton socks.
ta muchly.
sara: do it! all blogs are different. the world can never have enough, and i think EVERYONE should have a blog. yours would be great.