Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blogging advice needed

i've tried several times to post this blog, 'harvest moon'. it included pics but every time i posted it there were huge gaps in between the photos and mile long spaces in between my lines of text.
no matter what it looks like in 'preview' it doesn't even resemble that when it's posted. it's a mess. so i just feel so frustrated.
i back space and realign the text, save it then publish and it's all over the place.
this happens every time i do a post and include a picture or pictures. i can never get the layout right.
what am i doing wrong?
so my blog to m.o.h. which was for our wedding anniversary will go unwritten. i've given up.
but you can listen to neil young sing 'harvest moon' over there on my right, if you are so inclined, cos i like to think of it as 'our song.'
and if anyone can put me wise about layouts etc. i'll be grateful


LeighAnn said...

You just need to copy the text. Then go to do another post, but put the pictures in first.

Then click the tab where it says edit HTML and paste the text.

It has some mess up, but that takes care of it.

Clippy Mat said...

leighann: i will give this a try i do appreciate your input. and if i'm successful you'll be the first to know.
clippy :-)

Suz said...

I have had this problem too before. I just cut and started over. good luck.

Anonymous said...

When I first heard it included in your selection I wondered if it had romantic connections for you. I've always loved it but lost my copy many 'moons' ago but hearing it again prompted me to go buy the CD from Amazon (I got it at a bargain basement price too) It has wonderful memories for me too but not with either my current other half or his predecessor! nuff said.

Lakeland Jo said...

I would like to know how to put music on mine but I haven't got the first clue!

Gill - That British Woman said...

what leighann says should work, it will not work in the "COMPOSE" tab, that is why you are getting big gaps,

Gill a fellow Brit also in Ontario, outisde of the big T.O.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Ozzie Osbourne sang 'In My Life' on The Royal Variety Show? - very well too! - I remember seeing him in his Black Sabbath days when they played The Mayfair in the Toon, Belta of a night it was too!!!