Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm a little bit country???

how long has it been?
i've been meaning to write something but just didn't seem to get around to it.
i suppose i've been busy, but really, that's NO excuse is it?
blogging comes first.
but i have been reading.
i love reading other people's blogs.
just didn't have time to comment on all of the ones i've read.
but that's what i'm going to be doing tonight.
i'm doing the rounds and reading my fave blogs and leaving a comment on every single one
's right.
all of 'em.
because it's important that's why!
feedback people.
so i have a confession to make.
and i don't want you to judge me.
or label me.
even tho' that's what i do as i read o.p's blogs.
i judge.
and then i label.
but you shouldn't do that to me.
because that's not fair.
so back to the confession.
i've been doing something recently that's slightly embarrassing to tell you about, but i've decided to fess up and just come out with it.
truth will out.
confession is good for the soul etc.
okay here goes.
don't rush me.
i went
(remember don't judge me)
(or label me)


font's too small?
too bad.
it wasn't my idea honestly.
after all i'm from the concrete jungle of tyneside in n.e. england.
not much call for dancin' of the line variety in that neck of the woods.
my friend (who, strangely enough, is also from the backstreets of tyneside, a mining town in fact,) decided that it would be fun for us to take lessons, 'for a laugh, and for a night out, and for exercise'.
and she plied me with red wine thereby reducing my ability to think rationally or have a will of my own.
then she forced me to agree.
and to pay the money.
so there i was, enrolled in a line dancing class before i knew it.
and then,
the bloody nerve of the woman,
she tells me that SHE can't actually attend the classes now because she's got to work on wednesday nights.
so not only do i have to go somewhere i'm sure i should never go,
i have to go alone.
i have to learn to line dance with a bunch of people who i am sure are all going to be wearing cowboy boots and big stetsons and are going to laugh at me who has two left feet and no boots to put them in.
undaunted, (and stone cold sober) i go.
i'm still not sure why.
but guess what?
it was fun!
i loved it.
i can't remember when i had so much fun.
(which just shows you how often i get out in the world)
i can now do "the boot scootin' boogy."
oh yeah.
i can do some other dances whose names i can't quite remember but they involve 'scuffin' and 'slidin' and 'toe heel crossin' and 'box steppin'
and they are also fun.
and the other people in the class are even quite normal.
well, as normal as i am anyway.
but we won't go there.
there's all ages.
all shapes and sizes.
and both genders.
well there might be 3 genders actually because there's a person who's in the line in front of me whom i'm not quite sure yet if he/she is fish or fowl.
but he/she can certainly tush push.
but please.
don't tell anyone will you?


Suz said...

That is awesome for you. You should not be embarassed for trying something new...and something that gets you off your tush too. How great.
I hope you keep up with it and blow your friend away with all your dancing moves. :)
When are you getting a hat????

Crazy Mo said...

I have to say, I'm impressed. I'm a country girl myself and I've never been line dancing.

Yer not gonna start chewin' tahbacky now are ya?

Gina said...

hahaha im glad you had fun!

The Girl Next Door said...

HA! I love dancing of all kinds and have learned not to dis any of them til I try them - good for you for having fun!

And your comment on my blog? Made me LAUGH OUT LOUD as I drove down the road (I get alerts on my blackberry of comments yes I am that addicted....)

thanks for stopping by and for leaving me a witty comment. And feel free to drop advice any time - I am seriously in need thereof (oh wait you hate lawyers I forgot. So I won't tell you i am one....)

Expat mum said...

Thanks for popping by my blog. (You're right about the school by the way.)
Line-dancing in Canada - that can't be right. Mind you, they were doing it at the Metro Centre this summer!

Lakeland Jo said...

Well done on the line dancing! I haven't come across it here in the lake district yet!
Good to see you are waving the Tyneside flag proudly across the globe- howay the lads.
Greetings from a North Shields lass. Love the name of the blog!

Sara said...

Love the new layout A.P.

And, I can't get the image of you line dancing out of my head!! hahaha

Lots of love from London Town x

Clippy Mat said...

i'm not repeat NOT getting a hat and I will probably never line dance publicly, sadly. so no-one will ever see my moves.
but i MIGHT start chewin tuhbacky :-)
gina: thanks. you are so sweet.
girl next door: i won't hold it against you because you are a lawyer. promise.
ex-pat mom and lakeland jo:
so nice to meet you both, fellow geordies. i love both your blogs.
when are you starting up your blog? come on. i'm waiitng.

Anonymous said...

You always had the best moves on the dancefloor!! Although often performed lying on the floor- those were the days eh, bopping at the Rex in Whitley Bay!

Clippy Mat said...

helen: I was THE dancing queen in those days. The REX was MINE.
and yours.
Ahh Pat's People LOL

Anonymous said...

love it
boot scootin boogie your heart out
good for you

Wor Vron said...

well done sis -just dont get a fit of the giggles and pee yourself!! Which is what I did when I tried it once and couldnt keep up.Line dancing is very popular here -mainly amongst pensioners -but the Labour Club on a Tuesday night is buzzing they reckon!

Anonymous said...

Line Dancin', Ruby?? Ye ha!! Would have loved to join you. We actually have a Line Dancing Club here in Sunny Saudi ... i kid you not. They are all very good, and lots of them are very obsessive. They pair up, in fancy clothes, and do "demonstration" dances. I'm just jealous, really. Always fancied one of them checked shirts with the fringes over the boobs - know the ones i mean? I can see how you lot get addicted to this blogging lark. I will try to make the time - honest - i'll do me best, pet :-) I'll have to check out "what to do" first ... you know me, an ancient technophobe .. right ... i'll try AGAIN to send this thing ... (cross everything that you have two of .... )