Friday, October 10, 2008

i get bored

i thought i'd try a new layout.

i think i've changed it a few times but i'm hoping that this one might prevent the miles of space between text and pics that i get when i add pictures.
but i went back and look thru some of my old posts and it's thrown the text and pics out on those which is very annoying.
i'm tempted to go back and fix them all.
but not today.

because today is Thanksgiving Dinner day.
well here in Canada Thanksgiving is on Monday but we as a family are celebrating at the boy and jewel's house today so i am making the turkey and trimmings,
jewel and the boy are providing the venue, the beverages and the decorations, not to mention the ambience of their lovely home.

the 2nd boy and kee are bringing kee's delicious cheesey mashed potatoes and dessert and their barrel of boyhood, benny ben ben.
and of course jbug and noo noo will be adding their own input as only they can.
i'm sure they will be showing off the turkey decorations that they made at daycare. which i have already been privvy to a glimpse of.
then there's 'pop' or m.o.h.
what is his part in all this?
well he's playing golf actually and will be back in time to sit down with his knife and fork.
but, he's been given a special dispensation.
a pass.
because he spent his week's holiday this week doing DIY in the house and shopping in Ikea with me yesterday.
he did wish me luck this a.m. as he swanned off with his clubs and told me
'to enjoy the cooking'
i had a knife in my hand at the time because i was trying to separate the frozen giblets from the rest of the bird but i waved him away with it, quite nonchallantly, and even managed to smile.

this is a picture of a turkey.
well you knew that right?
what you can do with it is if you get bored because YOU don't have to cook a thanksgiving turkey,
you can right click on it and save it
just like i did when i stole er borrowed it from the internet.
then you can print it out and get your crayons out
and colour it in.
it's on me.
no need to thank me.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Columbus Day
or whatever is yanking your crank this weekend.
gobble gobble


Anonymous said...

i liked that
hope the meal turned out well, wish iwas coming too
lots of love

Sara said...

Enjoy Thanksgiving Day!

Check me out - I've done it!!

Lakeland Jo said...

I like the sound of the cheesy mash. Wish I was there- we are having chicken salad tonight

ChiTown Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I noticed last night that the font seemed to have been changed on your blog. I like it! Have a wonderful weekend filled with family, laughter and love!!

clinka said...

ahhhhh, what a wonderful thanksgiving... thanks for the fun!

gravy? what gravy?


Suz said...

I am guilty of not knowing anyone else celebrated a "thanksgiving"
Really, I need to read more, or just get out some. :)
I hope you have a lovely time with your family. Take lots of pictures.
I can't help but redecorate the blog over and over. I do the same thing at home. I also get bored easily.
I will be coloring a turkey in the morning. Thanks for giving me something to wake up for.