Saturday, November 8, 2008

A lesson on accents from Clippy Mat. Day 8.

This is a clippy mat.
I too am a clippy mat.
(because Clippy Mat is rhyming slang for Pat).
There the similarities end.
These hand made mats were made from the clippings of old clothes by people who didn't have much money; most likely they were still made into the 1940's would be my guess.
We didn't have any when I grew up, but my parents had them in their homes when they were children.
A clippy mat was also known as a proggy rug.
as in,
"Divn't drop ya dottle on the proggy rug."
Which in translation means,
"Please, do not drop your cigarette ashes on the hand made rug."

Where I am originally from, if you are not a native of the region, you might require a translator to assist you in understanding the accent of the local populace.
This is why people here who do not know him, look at me for clarification after m.o.h. has spoken.
His accent is stronger than mine.
I think I am more 'refeened'.
(that's a joke)

So, We are the proud owners of what is known as a Geordie accent.
You know, if you are from London, then you are a Cockney and have a Cockney accent.

So people from our neck of the woods are called Geordies.
and there are quite a few theories on why that is.
The one I like is about those who swore alliegance to King George as opposed to .... need to check that historical fact again, er somebody we Geordies didn't like many moons ago.
So a Geordie accent sounds like this:
This is Bobby Thompson, aka the "Little Waster."
His comedy was based, for the most part, on events before I was born.
He had 2 or 3 acts which didn't vary much in content but he was an absolute genius. This is an example of a Geordie accent.
There are variations.
If we'd had a separate currency in the N.East of England Little Bobby's picture would've been on it.
His act flourished in the working men's clubs across the North East in the sixties and seventies.
Let me know, what you think.

and here's another favourite of mine, Vicky Pollard.
She's deviating from her usual accent here.
which is NOT Geordie.
but she just cracks me up.
and I had a great laugh on youtube this a.m. watching her so I thought you might like it too.


Lakeland Jo said...

a picture of a clippy mat perchance?

Clippy Mat said...

hmm, your comment came up before i'd finished my post. i was still 'refining it' LOL so i'm not getting it. your comment that is.
did you get the full post?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the clippy mat story.
Very interesting.
Holy mackeral. I did not understand ONE word of either of the videos.
Those are some very strong yours that strong?
Coach and I traveled a few years ago to Italy and then spent a few days in London. I understood the italian better than the brits english. ;)

Lakeland Jo said...

Yes- only the mat came up and i wondered if you were being enigmatic? But Geordies are rarely that are we?
Great post- you are indeed a canny lass

Smileygirl said...

Had a hard time understanding the people! Plus Wrigs was barking in the background so it made it even more difficult.

Have you ever watched the series Extras on BBC or HBO? That is the FUNNIEST Show (not on anymore) and one that I could understand. If you haven't seen it you should rent the DVD because I think you'd like it.

ChiTown Girl said...

Watching that second clip immediately made me think of my absolute FAVORITE comic from across the pond, Katherine Tate. I have literally wet myself laughing at her videos on Youtube. I found her almost by accident because my dad had emailed me one of her videos (The Translator) and my niece searched her name on YouTube. I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many days I sat and did literally nothing other than watch Katherine Tate videos. I never laughed so hard in my life.

C said...

ahhhh, finally i get to understand what a clippy mat is... diane didnt even know what it was and she's from manchester! you wouldnt wanna know what my mind was conjuring up heehee....

also, you are doing a great job bloggin every day for the 30 days thingie.

diane and i sometimes watch the BBC's "keeping up appearences" which is hilarious! i love the episode where they go on a cruise ship....

Clippy Mat said...

jo: i couldn't be enigmatic if i tried. LOL
and thanks for the canny lass vote.
you an'all.

suz: i could picture you trying to unnerstand that lot. funny mental image there. my accent is not that strong anymore, at least i don't think so. but YOU might LOL.
c, you should check out litle britain if you haven't already.
LOVE the britcoms.
now i'm homesick.

laura: that wrigs is a bad dog for barking over clippy's clips. tell 'im i said so.
i LOVE ricky gervais he is the funniest man alive.
EXTRAS is a classic. the little fat man with the pug nosed face. love it.
and ctg. katherine tate. how very dare you. am i bovvered?
she does a great geordie woman too.
love her.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Delightful blog. Do you remember Albert Modley, Norman Evans? My particular favourite as a boy was Max Miller, a genius no doubt. Bit before your time.

Clippy Mat said...

hi ken:
i remember max miller, or seeing him years later, but the other two, no unfortnately.
a different kind of comedian back then that's for sure.
thanks for coming by. hope to see you again.

Wor Vron said...

The Little Waster!! classic -can just hear you and your M.O.H reciting all his gags -happy days!

Yeah get some Catherine Tate up -love her " Morning Martin...."

Crazy Mo said...

I canny understand a word wee Bobby says! But Vicky was hilarious!!