Friday, November 7, 2008

day 7.... h.e.l.p.

so i'm sitting here trying to honour my commitment of blogging every day and jewel, is coming up with what she thinks are inspirational (NOT) ideas for what i can blog about for friday.
cos i'm stuck.
'i know,' she says, 'why don't you empty your purse and photograph everything in it and then do a post called, 'what's in your purse?'
er no.
because i have nothing of interest in my purse that anyone would be remotely fascinated by.
so that's no good.
then she said,
'why don't you take a picture of this tampon and blog about how i was rustling thru my purse for a pen during an important meeting at work the other day and pulled out a tampon and tried to write with it before i looked down to see what everyone at the table was looking at?'
er no, because that happened to YOU not me.

she's just had another brainwave.
i'm sure it's nothing to do with the yellow label shiraz that we are consuming as we/i compose this masterpiece.
'why not blog about lucky?'
lucky is the cat.
lucky does nothing.
all day.
she sometimes turns around and then lies on her other side and often can be seen dragging her backside to the laundry room to eat or to use her cat litter.
that's lucky.
in a nutshell.
it goes in one end and not long later, it comes out the other.
it's not much of a life really.
i don't think she can compete with chumley personality wise for example, but then who could?
but she is an old lady now so she's allowed to just be herself.

i guess i should include a picture with this masterpiece.

but seeing as it doesn't have a topic as such what can my picture be about?
let me just pop open a new tab here and google something....

and voila,
as always something appropriate pops up just when you need it.
i love google.
here is a statistical pie chart on blogging and i hope it will be as educational and informative for you as it was for me.
i think i'll just give up and go and drink more wine.
looking forward to day 8.


Busy Bee Suz said...

Very funny. I like the tampon writing instrument. Lucky, what a life. ;)
The pie chart? Makes me want pie. Thanks.
How about a pie recipe? You have one of those right???
that can be Saturday.

Crazy Mo said...

Cudos to you for trying this, Clippy! I think the purse idea was a good one. You could do that with a variety of things. What's in the cupboard? What's for dinner? What movie have you seen lately? The possibilities are endless!

Clippy Mat said...

pie recipe? me? LOL

I'm going to think about mo's suggestions below for Saturday's post.......
cos i'm getting desperate.

J. Hi said...

I'm going to be a cat in my next life. But now I am going to follow your example and have some wine. Cheers!

C said...

that's what i like about you clippy, even when you really dont have much to say, you STILL write interesting blog and it has all the basic ingredients such as humor, opinion, and warmth.

carry on, mate. (as diane would say)


Lakeland Jo said...

Yes I do want to know what is in your handbag ( no- I can't do it- I can't call it a purse- that is what we put coins in!!)

Attila The Mom said...

Write about wine!! LOL

Clippy Mat said...

wine, handbags, (purses) good idea.
i'll remember that.
only, i will have to drink the wine as i compose and that might not be a good idea.
C: thanks, that's nice of you. cheers, mate.
J.Hi: cheers to you too. :-)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I just popped by and my woman can you blog about nothing in particular! I read several other posts and what a great blog. Loved the cheesy eggy bread thing and I'll give it a go - I lurve cooking! I lurve eating moreso!

Clippy Mat said...

so glad that you could pop by. hope you will drop in again. :-))

小貓咪 said...