Monday, November 10, 2008

day 8 in which clippy mat is feeling blah. :-(

sunday night.
i feel blah.
my head aches.
my legs ache.
my body is shivery.
i think i've got the flu.

so, i don't know what the heck i can write about for monday.
i went over to the website for nabloblahblah or whatever it's called.
it took them days to put the link to my blog on their blogroll.
finally, it was there.
i clicked on it and found that it linked to a blog that doesn't even exist!
it's called pearls from pat or something.
who is pat, not THIS pat, and what's her pearls got to do with anything?
i wouldn't even be seen dead in pearls.
i looked for a 'contact us' button to click on so i could put them wise, but i couldn't find it, and then i lost interest eventually.
i was feeling worse by the minute at this point.

then i saw that they had prizes and stuff over there.
there's over 10,000 participants in this, blog every day in november thing.
so i would rate my chances as crap basically.
and if they're judging on content well......
then, i looked at how many posts i had done and realized that some of them were out of sync and the dates were wrong.
bloody hell.
pardon my french.
but how did that happen?

i think i fixed it.
but it was very tedious.
all in all, so far it's been a bit pointless really

i'm going to take some more flu medicine and go to bed.
and post this in the morning.
and because i can't leave a post without a picture i'm going to find something to upload.
don't want you to have nothing to look at.

now i know i've never mentioned him before but this is my bro-in-law brian.
'wor vron's' husband.
this pic was taken last weekend in London.
I think it's in Portobello Road.
He was visiting his daughter, my niece Sara, and I think she may have taken this pic.
I thought it was pretty nice and colourful. it made me feel that i just wanted to be there, right in that spot, it looked so inviting, apart from the fact that it was raining.
What do you think?

and just for good measure cos two pics are better than one, here's a lovely photo of my youngest, the bairn, jenn and her boyfriend.

aren't they cute?

more of this exciting blog tomorrow.
i bet you can hardly wait.


Helen said...

So sorry your feeling Blah, and am so much more appreciative of your sterling work on my blogging behalf, your a 'pearl' of a girl lol.

Expat mum said...

My mother (Vron) still calls my brother "the bairn" and he's 42!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I hope you are feeling better today or at least able to stay home in bed.
Love the Umbrella pic. Does look nice. Youngest daughter is gorgous. Boyfriend is very cute too.
I love pictures. Thanks for sharing.
I don't wear peals either. I don't even like oysters.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow! Your daughter is gorgeous!!!! What does "the bairn" mean? It must be a British thing, right?

Sorry you're feeling so yucky. I've also been fighting something for quite some time now, so despite taking all these days off from work to "play," I'm tempted to spend them all curled up in my bed, with a box of Kleenex by my side :( Feel better!

Sara said...

hope you're feeling better soon, if its any consolation I feel the same ...aches, pains, sniffles! However, that picture of daddy dearest is hilarious!! Yes, I did take it and obviously just said something really funny!?
I am going to write an entry this week...
keep writing...i love to read it! (and I have the internet back)

Millennium Housewife said...

Oh dear, hope you're better tomorrow. When I saw the first pic I just knew it had to be Britain. Who but the British take umbrellas to a bbq? MH

Gill - That British Woman said...

the weather doesn't help the situation, it makes me feel blah as well. Love the photos.


Clippy Mat said...

great stuff. you left a comment with your blog i.d. i'm SO impressed.

expat mum: i know, once you're the bairn it never changes right.

suz: i had to go to work but never mind, it did me good and i feel a lot better now thanks.

ctg: the bairn is just a term of affection for the baby of the family. the youngest.

sara: i can't wait for you to get your blog back up. :-)

Clippy Mat said...

thanks, m.housewife. yep, you can usually tell a British event by the brollies.
gill: our Canuck weather isn't that great you're right. definitely adds to the blahs.


clinka said...

My throat hurts.

LeighAnn said...

Can two people get any cuter!!

Oh boy, feel better. Now I am going to worry about you girl. Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

ha ha o dear
deans not going to be happy u put that pic on! lol he is much happier usually hahaha. i like it tho
xxx jenn

Lakeland Jo said...

Just out of interest- the word Bairn comes from the Norwegian for 'child' I think