Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Suz didn't give me a title for this post

oh dear me, there's a few cobwebs in here.
hang on, i'll just get me duster out and give it a flick about.
there you go, hope that's better.

i'm going to *borrow* a post idea from suz because i had no ideas of my own.
she posted an item called, '5 things you will never hear me say.'
so i am going with that one for today.
because i have no imagination of my own that's why.

so here are 5 things you will NEVER hear ME say.

1. oh my, my ribs are sticking out, i MUST eat more.
2. i couldn't possibly eat dessert, sweet things covered in chocolate make me ill.
3. i hate red wine
4. i never want to retire
5. i am going to handstich/knit/sew/embroider or do something which involves use of a needle, hook or other pointy implement.

and the other thing i'm stealing, er borrowing, from suz is this one.

Instructions: post the fourth picture in your fourth picture folder:

okay......... here goes.....

phew that could've been a lot worse.
this photo is taken at work and it's of some of the students on the computers.
but you could see that for yourself right?
you are SO observant.
that's why i like you.

speaking of work.
that's a segue, you knew that right?
as opposed to a segway, which is a two wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle.
(i aim to educate AND entertain)
our classroom is located upstairs in a mall.
i know, strange place, but it works for some reason.
works for me because i like to shop.
there are some other offices up here, such as a dentists and a graphic artist and also a classroom for students who have been excluded from their own schools.
which we used to call being expelled back in the day.
but what do i know anymore?
upstairs in the mall we are privy to the music which is played downstairs in the mall.
and guess what?
and what does that mean?
Christmas music folks.
all day, all night.
and i just want to tell you how many versions of O Holy Night there are.
keep in mind it's only tuesday and christmas music started yesterday.
I'm up to seven, and they are rotating each version twice maybe even three times an hour.
it used to be my favourite christmas carol.
and i don't know about you, but i don't think O Holy Night was meant to be sung with a vibrato R&B feel, emphasis on "Ohhhaww hoala nie-i=aye-tt."

they may have to stop doing this.
or i envision me leaning over our balcony to the shopping hordes below and yelling
something offensive, oh anytime soon.

thanks suz!
okay, what are we posting tomorrow?


C said...

hiya clippy, how the hell r ya?
oh my god that is so funny! i enjoy your sence of humor. you have the same accent as my partner diane! i read your blog and in my head it is spoken in a british voice with accents and everything. isnt that fun?

ok ok, so i am bilingual in french.
tell me tell me do you read my blog in french?


Clippy Mat said...

c, mais oui mon ami. comment ca va aujourd'hui?
and that's about the extent of it except for a few phrases from the side of the cereal box. we are a bilingual country, but not everyone speaks french. i'm in ontario by the way. you asked me last time i think. cheers for visiting
clippy :-)

Gina said...

good to see ya back!

i also hate when they start playing xmas music waaaay to early!

Stinking Billy said...

clippy, I am always delighted to find some bugger else who can squeeze a decent-sized post out of nowt. Well done, wor kid! ;-) x

Busy Bee Suz said...

You crack me up.
I love your list and DITTO for me all 5.
The christmas music is just crazy...why so early? And yes, some christmas songs were not meant to sound like you were in a lounge drinking a glass of red wine. ok, a bottle. ;)

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm totally with you on the Christmas music. As a matter of fact, I haven't even listened to my friend Melissa's radio show, or her station, since last Friday, when they started playing ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC, ALL THE TIME, 24/7! If you knew how often I listened to that station (pretty much 24/7!)you'd know what a HUGE deal that is for me. I'm sitting her right now in silence, when usually her show would be on, so I'm not happy. I have no interest in hearing that music until the day after Thanksgiving. What the hell happened to Thanksgiving around here?! I know you already celebrated up there, but we still have just over a week to go. I'll be perfectly happy to return to listening NEXT Friday! Sheesh, sorry I ranted on your blog. I should really do this on my own blog, huh?

As for being in your neck of the woods, I just double checked your bio and see that you're in Ontario. I have family in Toronto! When we're ready for the next visit, I'll definitely let you know!

ExpatKat said...

Feliz Navidad, Clippy!! ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

gina: thanks for caring. :-))

billy: it's amazing how you can stretch nowt into summat innit?

ctg: rant/vent away. i hear ya.
christmas music should be played at christmas. they're just trying to brainwash us. and i'm not having it. :-)

merci buckets. joyeux noel :-)

Clippy Mat said...

and suz:
almost didn't see you there. and where would i be without you?
carols should not be sung with a slutty tone. definitely.

Helen said...

When I worked in plush city centre hotel I always felt so sorry for the porters/doormen who had to stand right under the cunningly concealed speakers and listen to the same horrid looped Christmas anthems! Dont you just hate those singers/performers who try to jazz up carols/National Anthems et al by singing them in their own inimitable way?!!

Crazy Mo said...

I was just saying to The Husband last night while we were shopping that I couldn't possibly work in retail cuz I'd end up killing someone by December 4th. And that's just not in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

When I run out of ideas, I may use your stolen 5 sayings concept myself!

J. Hi said...

Ha! You make me giggle. I gave in and am loading up my CD player with all the Christmas music today. I should count how many versions of 'O Holy Night' I have. :)

Clippy Mat said...

Helen, JHi, Mo:
I never realized how ANNOYING Christmas music could be until now. I'm starting to feel like Manuel Noriega.

Anonymous said...

hahaha i liked the bit about leaning over and shouting something offensive. you're a goof.

1. oh my, my ribs are sticking out, i MUST eat more.
2. i couldn't possibly eat dessert, sweet things covered in chocolate make me ill.
3. i hate red wine
4. i never want to retire
5. i am going to handstich/knit/sew/embroider or do something which involves use of a needle, hook or other pointy implement.

like mother like daughter then! i xxxxxxxxxx jenn