Thursday, December 11, 2008

who's on MY 'naughty list'???

well for one,
the security guard in the mall where our classroom is.
(who, sadly, does not resemble this handsome fella)
for telling us that the student, who was dressed as santa for our class christmas party, could not cover her face with a beard as she walked thru the mall because she could be a terrorist in disguise.

'are you SERIOUS?' i laughed.
he was joking right?
what would YOU think?

then he took exception to my question and viewed my subsequent comment of,
"get a life!" as a potential threat.
because he quickly spoke into his lapel asking for coverage 'on camera' at 'present location.'

you might know him as santa.
but apparently he's actually osama bin laden
and he's hiding out in the mall.

and a village somewhere is short one idiot.


Crazy Mo said...

You're kidding right?! What the hell is wrong with people?? He sounds like the stereotypical security guard who thinks he's CIA. Idiot!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my are so lucky they did not take you down righ there.
Are you going to be on tv...on "Cops"??

clinka said...

anything can happen in "the well".

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I was once in charge of five hundred children, twenty two staff in eight buses on a trip to a theme park. I got off the first bus and presented the details and money to a silly old fool with a ticket machine at the gate. He insisted on issuing five hundred tickets via his machine. The queue of traffic behind us were not amused. Said it was 'more than his job was worth' to do it any other way.
That was years ago. Evidently things dont change. (A young clerk told my mother in law last week she was NOT allowed to show initiative on the local council.)


MikeH said...

That confirms it; everyone with any authority over there has completely lost their mind!

Gina said...

hey Clippy!! i'd LOVE to visit that bookstore but sadly it is located somewhere in Amsterdam!

TL said...

Found you via Mrs. G. You must rent Lonesome Dove - on a snowy weekend when you have lots of time. It is a great movie. Your site is great, off to read more of your blog!

Helen said...

You're slipping Clippy time was when you woulda mauled him in the Mall shoulda shown him the Howdon Headpiece hinny apologies to your non-Geordie readers

Lakeland Jo said...

Helen- this Geordie girl loved it and laughed out loud.
Other half once was stopped in Orlando by a state trooper ( on Christmas eve) and I said-don't argue with him, he has a gun!

Expat mum said...

Give him a break - everyone's going nuts over here at the shopping malls. He was probably wetting himself!!!

CB said...

I'm sorry - did you say something? I was too busy oggling. Sigh...

The Girl Next Door said...

HA ha - CB - That's my other name. Oops. That was the Girl Next Door oogling the man in the photo...

Clippy Mat said...

I think he would like to be in the CIA. or even the boy scouts, but he's too 'intense' for them.

Cops? Moi? he he that would be good wouldn't it?

The Well needs a bit more chlorine in the gene pool LOL (no offense to residents of The Well of course.)

Exactly! I appreciate those who go by the rules.... but sometimes....

Welcome. Thanks for the visit, and I'm enjoying your blog too.
You're right! I'm sure you've never found it to be the case in the UK! ha ha

I commented on your comment re my comment in the comments part of your blog so this comment refers to that comment re the original comment.
right? ;-)

Welcome. I am going to rent Lonesome Dove for sure! Thanks for that and I'm coming back to visit you. :-)

I am SO much more mature than that now. Ain't he the lucky one? LOL The good old H.H. Ahhh youth!

I dread to think what would happen if said security guard had a GUN! Scary thought!

E.P. Mum:
Nothing nuts about this Mall, we're a bit quieter than Chicago; a few pensioners and a couple of women and all before 9 a.m. But I think he did wet himself come to think of it. ;-))

hi again!
Security Man in photo bears no resemblance whatsoever to Security Man in mall. (that's a 'legal' disclaimer for your benefit.) You being a lawyer and all!

Thanks all for all comments.
I like comments.

Clippy Mat said...

and none of YOU are on my naughty list.

C said... that's where osama bin laden has been hiding out- no wonder the cia cant find the bastard. he's hiding out at the mall! but the last laugh is on HIM.
cuz those dresses he wears will NEVAH keep him warm enough in the cold BRRRRRRRR up north....
freeze you MO-FO, freeze.


Mrs. G. said...


frantastic said...

Hahaha - what a loser.

Question: are people with actual beards required to shave before entering the mall as well??