Saturday, December 20, 2008


for the last year or more my other half has patiently worked on renovating the basement family room in our house from the previous owner's decor as depicted below. (please note brown faux wood paneling on walls, lumpy old carpet, suspended ceiling --oppressively low, drinks bar with orange vinyl padding, right out of an austin powers movie, their furniture not mine i hasten to add.)

and the process of this renovation involved him doing lots of THIS,
singlehandedly bless him.

to end up with THIS

so yesterday morning i unwittingly decided to add my input to the project and i ended up with
which we shall now refer to as 'Exhibit A'

how could this happen?

well picture THIS

now referred to as 'Exhibit B.'

and then picture ME getting up quickly to answer a ringing phone and attempting to step over this sleeping-good-for-nothing-else-cat
and in the process picture ME,
lifting my right foot and catching it at the bottom of the left leg of my p.j's.
then picture me hurtling thru space and landing in a sprawled heap,
on the floor
with my head thru the recently finished and painted drywall.
again, i refer you to 'Exhibit A.'
then picture ME yelling for m.o.h. who was still in his bed
(you may recall he is recovering from major surgery)
picture HIM struggling to come "dashing" to my aid,
holding his mid-section with both hands as he goes as fast he can down the stairs saying,
" hold on! don't move!"
and then picture ME, reassuring HIM, as he slowly bent down to rescue me, still clutching his fragile mid-section, that i was alright and no bones were broken and that no, there was no blood, and yes i could move all of my limbs independently.
god knows how!

and then picture HIM examining the hole in the drywall that he just so recently finished painting.
and scratching his head
at ME
and the cat
and the wall
and the fact that i am the biggest klutz ever!
oh yes.

you will have to picture ME,
lying there in a heap,
feeling like a complete idiot
but also thankful that no major damage was done..
to ME that is.

and then picture 'Exhibit B'
who has remained in place throughout!
and i will picture YOU!
because that's what i do when i think about it.
but ooh
i have some bruises
and you will have to picture THEM
because i am definitely NOT going to picture them for you!


Gina said...

hahahahaah too funny! i am sorry you fell and bumped the new wall!

your cat is so adorable! i LOVE fat cats :)

Pam said...

First off, You hubby is a genius and did a great job on the funky basement. Second, cats are a lovable but bloody nuisance aren't they. Third, I DID laugh that you fell and caused so much damage to the dry wall! Sorry about that but I'm glad you're ok.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The renovation looks wonderful. The cat? fat and lazy. tie him to the treadmill:)
Sorry you crashed...could have been worse and yes, you are a clutz my friend. Be careful. You can't have 2 of you injured!!!
Can MOH come do some of my drywall work when finished cleaning up your incident?

Blogarita said...

So, who was on the phone? ;)

Clippy Mat said...

my cat would like to come and live with you. she's packing her bags as we speak. i'm throwing in a case of cat food and a couple of kgs of litter. ;-))

thanks, I will tell him. He did do a great job. This cat ceased to be 'lovable' many moons ago, but she is an institution in this house, and actually rules the roost.

yes, the cat is fat and lazy.
i am a klutz. i just bashed my head on the door of the freezer and before that i banged my thigh on the truck when i was cleaning off the snow. i am fed up!!!
m.o.h. is very good at drywalling. i will send him your way once he's finished repairing the mess I made. ;-)

it was my daughter calling from england. she doesn't know what happened as a result of her call yet, but i'm picking her up at the airport tonight and the first thing she will see will be my bruises...:-)
p.s. i can't access your blog. can i get an invite? thanks.

Helen said...

Oh thank goodness its not just me then! My dog is also known as Fatty fourpaws- perhaps the 44lb monster on youtube could put your kitty to shame?

MikeH said...

Good thing it was drywall and not brick! Glad you're all right.

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, my, I'm glad to hear your injuries weren't worse! Have a wonderful visit with you daughter!

Attila The Mom said...

Holy smokes!! Glad you're ok.

Damn woman. You have a hard head!!

C said... just CRACK ME UP with your stories! SO glad you didnt get hurt too much. in a few weeks you will laugh at this. kitty is cutsie. your hubhub did a fanfuckingtastic job on the room! I LOVE IT. wow looks so much better. enjoy romantic nights in it! well, erm, when you both heal up, that is. for now, just hold hands... ;P


Sara said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh pet!
too funny, you couldn't make it up!
Gorgeous basement! x

Expat mum said...

Wow I love that basement transformation. What was it about that bloody faux wood panelling. Martha Stewart did a makeover of some a few years ago and made it look like a white-washed beach house, but I bet if any normal person tried it, it would still look terrible.
And hope your not too badly bruied BTW.

Gill - That British Woman said...

your dh did a lovely job on the basement, what a difference, you have added thousands of dollars to your house.

I hope you heal quickly, the drywall will be fixed in no time flat, you'll have the bruises for a while though!!!


Smileygirl said...

OMG I have never heard of anyone putting their head through a wall before (aside from maybe Popeye.) Did you ever actually answer the phone??? Hope you're feeling better!

Stinking Billy said...

clippy, a likely story, which I don't believe for a second. Show us your bruises, girl! Nice refurb' job, though, very nice. ;-) x

frantastic said...

LOL - you paint such a pretty and complete picture of the whole fiasco!

The basement looks amazing, though - what a transformation!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love the story, but I love the transformation even more--wow, he did a GREAT job.