Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O Christmas Tree--Part II

my ornaments are all special because they were either gifts or were made by family members.
this is the last year for this tree but the ornaments will remain.
next year i want me one of those fancy pre-lit ones that are full and bushy, no gaps. i think they might be easier to decorate.

doing the tree is hard work.
in my head i have a vision.
usually there's not much in common between that vision and the reality.
life is that way sometimes, no?

to be honest, there wasn't a great deal of thought in this year's decoration.
i just wanted it UP!
and done.

no gifts under the tree yet.
i want the grandchildren to enjoy looking at it.
it's a very hands-on tree.
and if there's gifts then it would be 'hands-off' wouldn't it?
and that's not fair to them.

only four more sleeps until jenny comes home for Christmas.

you didn't know i was the mother of snow white?

and i'm also the grandmother of these three little elves.
and one of them, guess which one, isn't that impressed with the big fella in red.
that should change by next year i'm sure.
and, that guy is the REAL Santa Claus that's for certain.
i wanted to sit on his lap when i saw him.
he made my heart melt.
and he looked right at me and waved his finger and said, ever so gently, with a wink,
"you be good now."
and you know what?
i think i just might be.


Sara said...

oooh I timed that nicely, was reading the 1st part and the comments and clicked back to your page and you had posted part 2!! it looks great, very impressed you did it all by yourself. send my love to uncle T..bless him.
The kids look so cute in those photos too ... hope you're well.
I'm off work - unwell:-(

Clippy Mat said...

fastest commenter in the west! well east actually.
sorry to hear you're unwell pet.
hope you get well soon.
at least a day off work means you can read blogs and maybe write yours too?
love and hugs

Gina said...

what a beautiful daughter and adorable grandchildren you have! :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The tree is gorgeous. And the best part is it is DONE. My sentiments exactly.. IS snow white bringing all the dwarfs for the christmas celebration? They could most likely sleep under the tree...they don't take up much space.
Is that a really small santa man or is the chair just really large? I can't tell.
You best be good...he is watching you!!!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks so much. ;-))

i am being SO good. i hope he IS watching. he'll be very impressed.

Gina said...

my second job is at a fitness center in a retirement community. Most of these folks are in there
60's and 70's and are more active than i am! they amaze and amuse me on a daily basis

Anonymous said...


Stinking Billy said...

clippy, I haven't got a beard, but it's good to know that you are quite capable of liking an old man. ;-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

great photos, I wonder what it is about Santa that little children don't like?


MikeH said...

Very festive, and cute gandkids. have a Happy Christmas!

Crazy Mo said...

OK. The kids are cute. The tree is very pretty. But what I got out of all those pictures is that there isn't a speck of dust in your house! My goodness woman! You're June Cleaver incarnate!! I bow to you oh holy one ... I'm not worthy!

Expat mum said...

Aw - I'm feeling sorry for the tree. Does it know it's the last year?

Clippy Mat said...

your 2nd job?
my goodness girl, i thought you were a student as well?
how do you do it all?

that's funny.
i have never been compared to june cleaver before now.
i am certain that anyone who knows me well will tell you that it's an accurate description of yours truly.

it was hilarious. you know how determined nora can be when she doesn't want to do something!! she showed him who was boss. :-))

when you get that new camera (!) why not post a profile pic of yourself on your blog?
i dare you.

i think it just depends on the age of the child doesn't it? next year no doubt she'll be fully indoctrinated like the rest of 'em.

Festive that's me.
Thanks, they are adorable I have to admit.

Clippy Mat said...

Expat mum:
shh, we're keeping it hush hush for now.
to be honest. the tree is in a bad way so we like to think of it as putting it out of its misery.
it makes us feel better anyway.

Pam said...

Hello! I'm new here but like your blog and it's always nice to read about other expats. Looks like you're all set for the big two days. We only get one in the US - ba humbug!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks for coming over. I am always happy to meet another expat and I enjoyed reading your blog earlier. when is your baby due?

Lakeland Jo said...

tree looks fine - very colourful!
I would hate you to be good- don't listen to Santa Clippy!
Teenager was scared of santa and large moving puppets. We went to Disney and he didnt like the characters until he was much older ( paid loads for one of those expensive breakfasts and he roared all the way through- I enjoyed it though).

Helen said...

Clippy your tree looks lovely and makes the room appear very festive & cozy hope your convalescing OH is suitably impressed.

Enjoy having Jen& Noo noo over the festive period

Helen said...

I think your daughter looks more like Liv Tyler every time I see her pic - she is gorgeous just like her mum was at that age & of course still is!! Thanks for or your hard work on my blog hinny

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh so pretty!! As is your family. Thanks for sharing :)

C said...

whatta cozy looking room, clippy. you did good!
your daughter is very pretty!
is she the mom of julian?

merry christmas to you and yours.


Clippy Mat said...

thanks for the nice comments but i can't believe you don't want me to listen to santa. gasp!
as if i would ever do that! ;-)
thanks pet. and i love doing the blog. it's all your work anyway. i just post it. :-)

ctg and c
thank you. i love to share.

and no c, jenny is not the mum of julian. she is still single and childless for now.
she's also on my blog roll on the right, 'steady as she goes'
julian belongs to my oldest son,
as does nora (and to clinka. see again my blog roll on the right)
and ben belongs to my next son.
with one to follow next year.

Smileygirl said...

OMG that last picture is hilarious!!! Soooo funny!

I love your tree. Looks so sparkly and inviting. I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off it either.

Dave Morris said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful tree! Nice... it must be fun to have all those grandkids to spoil rotten.

TL said...

She makes a great Snow White... or maybe I should say YOU make a great Snow White! HAH!

Clippy Mat said...

Thank you Laura, Dave and TL