Monday, January 12, 2009

happy anniversary... to ME

first of all this is an award from Suz
it's not just any old award to me either.
a) it's my first ever
2) it's all been a feeble pretence that i'm too cool to want one
c)it's pretty nice of Suz to give it to me.
since i 'met' suz, she has not missed making a positive comment on a blog that i have written.
which is pretty awesome i think.
one of suz's reader's likened her to Erma Bombeck today.
i agree.
that's pretty big shoes to fill Suz
but methinks you've got the feet. :-))

and 3)
i have just passed my first anniversary of blogging.
i started last january!
and i think my next blog will be 100 posts.
so i thought i'd have a little party.
please come in and pull up a pew and allow me to pour you a drink.
watch out for flying corks.*

i'm pleased that anybody reads 'my stuff.'
as much as i enjoy blogging, i enjoy reading other people's blogs just as much.
particularly the ones that i 'follow' and the ones that are listed on my blog roll.

a few years ago i didn't know much about blogging, or bloggers.
and i hardly thought that it might be something i would do some day.
the first blog, and for a long time, the only blog i read was 'save karyn' which was the most funny and downright honest thing i'd ever read.
still is really.
i didn't leave comments in those days tho'.
now karyn has written a couple of books and blogs here
and she was the first person that ever put me on her blog roll.
that made my day!
so if we go by the logic of 6 degrees of separation, all blogs that i now read, with the exception of family members' blogs, had their origins there on that blog.
don't know if i could trace them back there now, but that's where it started.

i enjoy every blog on my blog roll and there are some that i enjoy that i haven't even got around to adding yet.
it's an ongoing process and i am adding and changing all of the time.
just wanted to say,

and what?
you want another drink?
okay, but the last one was a double so be careful.
on the rocks?
but you know, it's midday do you really think you should be drinking THAT much?

oh why not?
it's a party after all.
i think i'll just join you anyway.

(just ask my oldest son on the stats for flying champagne cork injuries among the teenage population....)


Busy Bee Suz said...

whyy tank yu fer da drinky. dont usally dink en da daetime.

You deserve many awards my friend. You make me laugh!!!!!
Even your acceptance speech is FUNNY!!!!

Smileygirl said...

Happy Blogiversary
Happy Blogiversary
Happy Blogiversary
HAAAAPY blogiversary.

Yay for Clippy Mat!

(that is my cheer to you, today, right now this sec. And no, I'm not drunk...yet.)

Clippy Mat said...

Suz, Smiley Girl:
thanks. :-)
now sit down the pair of ye's. your drinks are spillin'.

Kee said...

Happy Anniversary! And congrats on a job well done. My day would not be the same without your blog. Keep up the good work and keep us laughing!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks pet. you have been my constant commenter since my first blog.
love it.
what a pity i can't offer you a drink!
in your condition i mean.
we'll have some champers in April

ChiTown Girl said...

Clippy! Happy Blogiversary!

From this post I can see you are perfectly qualified to tend bar at our place! Next time you make it to Chitown, come on over and make a few bucks! ;-)

Clippy Mat said...

you're on. do you know something? i have NEVER had a martini.
what a sheltered life eh?
i will have to come by there one day and get you to make me one.

The Incredible Woody said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

LeighAnn said...

Silly girl! Happy Bloggiversary!!

Jan said...

Happy Blogiversary hinny, you put me to great shame :( ... I raise my glass.
Much love, Jan xxx

Grumpy Old Ken said...


I too am approaching 100 blogs. People like you are so far in front of me, especially re technical things but you are teaching us oldies all the time.

frantastic said...

congratulations - that is quite the feat! i thoroughly enjoy your posts (even though i'm not much of a commentor - my apologies) and raise my glass to many more :)

p.s. you need to get together with crazymo - she took a course on martinis last year and could probably hook you up like nobody's business! lol

Expat mum said...

Well done. I think I'm around my one year mark - have to check. But i obviously talk far too much as I passed the 100 post a while back!

Clippy Mat said...

thanks woody, and leighann :-))

jan: get cracking. and add some stories to your blogs, i'd love to read them. :-))

ken: you flatter me, i know as much as you do about the technical side of blogging honestly. thanks for the best wishes tho'. :-)

fran: the next time i am in the same room as alcohol i'm having a martini. and crazy mo can give me her recipe. :-)

expatmum: happy blogiversary to you too then. :-))

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Congrats on the award! Your letter is a C! :-)

Pam said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!
Love your blog, keep doing it.
After the baby's born I shall share many a virtual drinkie with you

karengberger said...

Congratulations! and thanks for the pointer to your answer about what is meant by "Clippy Mat." I would never have guessed it, but I LOVED the comedy clips. I tried hard, and could catch the odd bit here and there, but not a great deal of the language was clear.

Our favorite TV shows are mostly British. We are devoted to the Mystery! series, and we like the comedies and dramas, too. Much better than U.S. TV. David and Katie have seen most of Foyle's War, and David has been through Inspectors Morse, Lewis & now Lynley, even some Miss on the list is Poirot.

Did I ever write that I spent a term in England when I was in college? It was heavenly. I loved it soooo much, especially because the people (like you) were so kind and clever. Blessings to you & your blog!

Sara said...

Love love love reading your blog.
Keep it up! Mine has a few cobwebs I know !!

lots of love S x

Karyn said...

Oh, thank you! That was sweet! Happy blogiversary! xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

congrats on your first anniversary, mine is in May. Also congrats on your award.

If you have time pop by my blog tomorrow, as I have a story on the weather and being British, and I am 110% sure you will have a funny story to add to it.


Lakeland Jo said...

your blog is great and the award is well deserved
Mine's a sauvignon blanc please, or a baileys on ice. Thanks, and pass the sausage rolls

The Girl Next Door said...

Happy Anniversary! I am not a good, regular commentor like our friend Suz (does she make everyone else look bad in everything she does b/c she's so good? good thing she's so darn likable) but I do enjoy your posts! Keep it up and here's looking to the next year of hilarity!

Bon Don said...

Happy Blogiversary! Great speech!!

*Bon Don*

J. Hi said...

Congratulations! I will drink a toast to you. :)

Gina said...

good luck with the snow! it's coming down by me too

Tismee2 said...

Fraid I got a little held up - is there any booze left?

Congratulations to you on all counts!

That's a lovely award - I haven't seen that one before.


Clippy Mat said...

I wonder where in England you were ? thanks for the blessings.

ET's wife: i'm working on my letter C. thanks for coming by :-)

pam: we shall have a virtual glass of champers when Danny boy arrives.

Sara: dust those cobwebs off asap. i miss your blog.

Karyn: so pleased you came by :-))

gill: i'm checking it out as we speak.

Jo: thanks for the kind words. we're out of baileys i'm afraid and the sausage rolls are all gone. what about a broon ale and a sweaty sausage on a stick?
girl next door: it's hard to keep up with everyone's blogs, i know. but it's nice that you did come by. :-)

j.hi and bon don:
cheers to both of you :-)

gina: glad you trudged thru the snow to come by.

tisyou. I used to be on your followers roll and then got dropped off somehow? so i'm glad you came by. yes there's still a little bit of booze left. what's your poison.

C said...

happy frikkin one year blogiversary, clippy! i love reading your stuff. you truly have a humor that makes me laugh out loud LOL....
i am glad you are here and i WILL drink my way to oblivion on your behalf with some baileys irish cream.... just 4 U. it'll mix well with me drugs.... ;)
and if ya never hear from me again, it's BECAUSE i mixed baileys with me drugs....
nah, i aint that stupid, but it sounded good for a minute.
we B going to me sisters tonight to play pinnochle and have some soup i made. i'll have a bowl of it for yee, k? k.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Happy Belated Blogoversary.

In my house I'm the one with the flying Champagne cork problem!

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Anonymous said...

hahaha thanks for the drink!
love the andrew quote, everytime i pop a bottle or see someone i think of him saying his quote. hahaha so wise.
love the little pic as well

happy anniversary
love you , you write a great blog
xxx jenn