Friday, January 16, 2009

100! and you'd think it would be one worth reading.

i've got a bit of a hangover from the last post celebrating my 1 year anniversary. boy you people can drink, and i think that i need to dial it back a notch.
so here's something fun to do for my 100th post.

i found it on two other blogs that i read.
evil twin's wife
crazy mo

Here's the rules, or guidelines, if you find that to be less threatening.

1. Leave a comment on this blog and I will assign you a letter.
2. Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
3. Post the list on your blog.
4. When people comment on your list, you assign them a letter, and the game continues.

fun right?
and the best part?
it saves you the bother of thinking of something to blog about for one day.

so here's my list of 10 things i love brought to you by the letter "C"
ooh it's just like sesame street.

1. comedy.
laughter truly is the best medicine.
which means that i should follow that comment up with something really funny now.
i got nothing!
2. children
only some.
as in mine.
not yours.
sorry about that.
i am pretty one dimensional.
i like my kids and their kids but everyone else's are just okay, truth be told.
i don't want them coming over here and leaving their grubby little hand prints all over the place.
messing the house up when i've just tidied up!
children should be seen and not heard.
unless of course they're my grandchildren.
3. cabbages.
well no, not really but i had something else in here and then i deleted it.
and then i had something else again but didn't like that either.
and now i can't think of another thing beginning with C to go here.
perhaps this isn't as much fun as i thought it was going to be.
oh never mind.
it's a post isn't it?
and after all isn't that what really matters?
4. cats
only some.
well mine.
not yours
when my cat goes, (God forbid. but it's on the cards for one of these fine days in the not too distant future i'm pretty sure)
that's it.
no more cats.
coming over here and leaving their grubby little paw prints everywhere.
shedding fur and old claws.
my grandchildren hate my cat.
even tho' i tried to fool them into thinking she'd bought them each a christmas present.
the hatred is mutual alas.
she's an unfriendly kinda cat.
but i love her.
5. champagne
i wish i could drink champagne all day long.
i don't have a problem with that.
but my boss hates it.
6. clippy mats
my house is full of them.
i make them all from the clippings of old clothes.
stretch them on a frame and then sell them for ridiculous amounts of money to gullible people.
like you.
you believed that load of codswallop didn't you?
7. codswallop
a really good English expression for describing stuff that's absolute rubbish.
try saying it next time you disagree with someone's point of view.
see how good THAT feels.
8. christmas.
goes without saying.
the 10 extra pounds i gain every year really endear me to the whole event.
9. coffee.
my favourite coffee is instant.
i know.
but really who's got time to make a whole pot?
i love them.
i love to leave them too.

so i have my bag of letters ready if you want one.
A is kind of nice,
or B,
C's been done hasn't it?
but you could probably do it better.
D's a nice little round letter,
E's a bit annoying sometimes but worth a shot...
F is, well you all know what F is!
anyway, you know the alphabet.
don't you?

but if you don't want a letter that's okay too.
you probably already have a gazillion blog posts in draft format ready and waiting to just
any time you feel like it.
you don't need ME to give YOU ideas.
oh well.
not to worry.
i'm good with it.
clever clogs.
(see 2 more 'C" words. geddit?)


Granny on the Web said...

I hope the letter comes with all the instructions!
LOL what a laugh.

Clippy Mat said...

hey granny on the web.
do you want a letter?
if so, i am giving you a
go for it.
i'll be over there to check it out.

ChiTown Girl said...

I would love a letter. I have a feeling I'll have a lot of free time again today...

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your are so funny.
I already got a letter from Mo. I got B. So don't give it out. If you do, I will come looking for you. really. and we can have some champagne. and I won't bring my kids or my cats.
Although my kids are far more superior than anyone elses. don't tell anyone I said that.
My cats? not so great.

Tismee2 said...

Happy Century Clippy!

Go on then - I don't have any posts pending publishing either and I'm struggling today!

Codswallop - gosh it's ages since I said that.

I like Numpty too!

Clippy Mat said...

i am going to give you the letter A.
cos i think i know one of your categories already. and i don't want you to be bored today. oh no. :-)

i, of course, was not including YOUR wonderful girls in my sweeping dislike of all-- well almost all, other children.
yours are perfect. like you.
your cats.
not so much.

would you like an "N"? then you can have the word numpty. cos i like that too. great word.

now i'm not sure if i'm supposed to go to the blogs of those i've assigned letters to and tell them or just tell them here.
i'll have to figure that one out.

this is turning out to be not as easy as i thought. it's requiring me to use my brain.
not good.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Cute! (another C!) I like my kids better than others kids too. But, we're lucky to know a few really cool and sweet kids who I do like.

Pam said...

Fabulous post! Agree with you on cats and kids and will use codswallop because i had forgotten how much I loved it

frantastic said...

Codswallop!!! Love it - Hagrid says it all the time!! (yes, I'm a Harry Potter fan...)

Love your list, esp. the part about Children lol. But I take exception to your lackadaisical attitude towards Cabbage! Cabbage provides us with yummy coleslaw, cabbage rolls, stew...omigod - that veggie is da bomb and severely underappreciated! Tut tut.

karengberger said...

I agree with so much of what you wrote that I'm not going to leave a detailed comment about all of it...but I see we have much in common. And it was a post worth reading.

Crazy Mo said...

Great list, Clippy! You always make me laugh! But you've left us hanging ... what were the words you deleted??

Esther said...

Condswallop! I love that word. That's one I haven't used in a while. I'm going to make it my mission for the week to use it once a day.

Are there any letters left for me??

Esther said...

Shame I can't spell! I meant codswallop!!

Clippy Mat said...

(sorry that makes you sound like an alien.) thanks for the idea. :-)

Pam: codswallop is a great word i agree. if you want a letter i'm giving you "H". but if you don't want it not to worry. :-)

fran: you are right. the cabbage is much maligned and under appreciated. what WAS i thinking? thanks for putting me right. and don't forget the humble cabbage soup the mainstay of the slimming girl's diet.
never mind the gas it causes. :-)

karen: you are sweet. and much too polite to leave a comment on the fact that i dissed children and pets. something i know YOU would never do. and that's why i like you. not a mean bone in your body! :-))

mo: thanks.
i tried a few 'c' words but didn't like them.
one of them was charity.
not that i don't LIKE charity as such, but i couldn't work that into the rest of it,if you follow.
thanks for the idea tho'.

I certainly do have a letter for you, nice to meet you and thanks for coming by. I'm coming to your place now. :-)
how about the letter "S".
hope that works for you.

karengberger said...

I can't let this go...I am not all sugar, Clippy Mat; I am also spicy, and sometimes not so nicey.
a) I don't like a LOT of kids other than my own, and
b) I was a dog-disser, until I met some wonderful dogs who turned my heart and
c) I found out that the reason I didn't like a lot of kids, was the same reason that I don't like a lot of dogs: the breeder! --I mean, the owner -- I mean, the parents. Same thing. Bad (or no)training!
d) may I have a letter, please?
Love, Gberger

Lakeland Jo said...

give me a letter but not the same one as I get from Busy Bee Suz

C said...


you can gimme any letter ya want and i will for sure come up with 10words of things i like starting with that letter.

gimme gimme


Pam said...

"H" it is. I'll "hop" to it this weekend. That was a bit crap I know but I'm in a rush so words escape me right now

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't get this??? now I feel stupid???


Clippy Mat said...

please don't shatter my illusions.
okay, i guess nobody's perfect, but i still think you are a bit of an angel, albeit the wings might be a TAD wonky sometimes?
so would you like the letter "L"? I just started picking them at random now.

"C" you can't have the letter "C: cos i had it. how 'bout the letter "M" you crazy woman you.

I assign you a letter of the alphabet and you have to write 10 things you love beginning with that letter, and then do the same to people who leave a comment on your blog. (the rules are on my blog)
I will assign you the letter "W".

forgot to ask. did you want a letter? I will pop by your blog and give you the letter "R"

What about the letter "O". ooh that's hard. I'm sure Suz didn't give you that one.

karengberger said...

Thanks for the letter! I'll be working on it.

clinka said...

hmmm favourite things that start with "c"...
maybe "C"linka's Apples? Just sayin'.

Esther said...

Thank you for my letter 'S'. I had a lot of fun writing my post. I'll definitely be back for more inspired ideas.

Karyn said...

I want a letter! And I love all those those c things too. And I love cookies!

Stinking Billy said...

clippy, I have noticed before how cunning you can be in wheedling comments out of your poor colleagues, but you should know that I am as pure as the driven snow and never do memes, competitions or accept awards. For you, I was tempted for just a second, but I'll hang out for a bit longer, I think. ;-) x

Clippy Mat said...

hmmm Clinka, you would obviously have been number 3 if it weren't for cabbages.... just kidding.
and now,
I am going to give YOU the letter "P".
just because.
for no OTHER reason.

for you, and you alone, i have reserved the letter "K". I know you won't abuse it.

i wiould never suggest for a minute that YOU would stoop so low as to do a meme, or beg for comments.
but see,
my cunning plan worked didn't it?
look at all the comments billy.
and no one suspected a thing.

esther i cannot wait to come over and check out what you did with "S"
i'm sure you did it justice after seeing that fab blog you have there.

magpie said...

i've clicked back to you through the person who gave me my letter and the person who gave her her letter and the person...well you get the idea. and i thought i'd say hey since we have the same letter and we both like coffee. WOW! who'da thunk it?

i like the way you blog so now it's my plan to read through your 100 posts. I just hit 100 myself this week. what fun. (but i only have 3 followers and one of them is a friend of a friend and has never said boo to me)

come see my c's please.