Saturday, January 17, 2009

I missed you so much.

it's weird.
the other day i had 18 followers and i was like,
'whoo hoo!'
i looked at them all
and put names to the pictures.
and then,
the next time i looked,
to see if they were still there
and if everyone was okay and
all getting along with each other.
as you do.
you do do that right?
just me then
there were only 17!!
and i was like,
where did you go?
and THEN
this morning after tossing and turning ALL night and wondering
why he/she had left,
what had i done?
which one was there and now gone?
and was it a mistake?
and, is it because my blog is really crap and they thought
'get me out of here i came here by mistake'
i looked
and there's 18 again!!
you're back.
it's like that game where you have to memorize a lot of items and then something is removed and you have to remember and name the missing thing.
at my advanced age of 54
my brain is sadly addled.
i am lucky if i can remember my own face some days.
"oh, it's you". i say as i pass the mirror.
but just let me say,
welcome back.
whoever you are.
thanks so much for coming back.
this post is for YOU.
and all about YOU.
and how much i appreciate YOU,
for who YOU are.
please stay.
don't leave again.
it hurts when you go.

and now,
because i'm not sure how to keep you 18 followers entertained,
i shamelessly offer something (else) that i have 'borrowed' from another blog.
i was over on Chitown Girl's blog
and i saw a post that i'd almost missed and found THIS wonderful gem.
what an amazing choir of kids.
and a great way to start a Saturday.
so i nicked it.
well technically i haven't nicked it.
cos i'm linking to it.
but i know she won't mind.
(will you CTG?)


Busy Bee Suz said...

You crack me up Clippy. Oh, and I love that cool.
I have had a recent hit of followers....the funny thing is, I think only a handful actually reads my blog. So I don't get all excited about it....I have had some weirdos put themselves as my followers and I had to block them. Like a stalker. I suppose that could be a compliment? A stalker??

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It looks like you gained an extra as there are now 19! Yay you! :-)

Clippy Mat said...

your very own stalker?
wow. you've really made it girl.

but who's counting?

ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, Clippy, you're so sweet! I don't know why you think I'd mind when I blatantly stole it from my girlfriend's blog! ;-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that you're sharing it with even more people.

I'm not sure why you thought my son's name started with an A. I've never put his name in a post. I've been referring to him recently as Stud Muffin! haha!

Stud Muffin and I have a date tonight! I'm so excited! It's the Mother/Son Dance at his school, so stay tuned for a post all about it :)

The Incredible Woody said...

You are too funny!!

Expat mum said...

Whatever you do don't join Facebook. There's a special term for what you thought had happened. "Unfriended" - and it's devastating.

Gina said...

hehe i would be quite upset to see that someone left me too!!!

lol i think i only have two "official" folowers though!

Clippy Mat said...

i know, icouldn't find the post i was referring to where i thought you'd mentioned him by name and in my mind he was Alex?? go figure.
he must be a very solid, stable young teen to go to a dance with his mother! my boys when they were teens made me duck my head down in the car when i dropped them at the school dance.
and I was the one driving.
oh the shame of having ME for your parent.
i've just about forgiven them.

thanks for that. ditto. :-))

i'm on facebook for the last few years but as yet, thank goodness, i've not been unfriended. knowing me and my 'fragile' psyche that'd put me right over the top. LOL

i'd gladly be your follower but I couldn't find a followers part on your blog???
did you hide it?

Tismee2 said...

That's a lovely video, thanks for sharing it.

and there I was thinking you'd done a runner on me too!

Gina said...

done! :)

if you join i'll have THREE :)

Clippy Mat said...

done right back at you.
i'm now numero three-o

no, no. never.
but i'm glad 'we're back' LOL

Lakeland Jo said...

sounds like cyber mind games or perhaps a good old fashioned game of hokey cokey... you put a follower in, a follower out, in out in out, then shake it all about....all together now....

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't follow any blogs, is that bad? I do however visit all the people who visit me, and have my favourites, that I visit regardless.

Also this is off subject, but I was googling "clippy mats" as I had never heard rag rugs called that before. I was looking for a how too on the internet but didn't find one? If you see a how too on your travels, would you let me know?


The Contessa said...

I think if we all looked deep within ourselves, we'd all admit that we really like followers. It gives us a sense of acceptance.

And I'd like to see a Clippy Mat instruction guide as well. That might be a good use of extra fabric!

Crazy Mo said...

I love that they all have the Stevie Wonder thing going on! And the a cappella guitar was priceless!!

Clippy Mat said...

a clippy mat instruction guide??? LOL
you've got to be kidding me.
i can't even remember the last time i sewed a button on never mind crafted anything.
too funny.