Monday, April 6, 2009

AND, we're back

tch tch, look at the dust and cobwebs in here.

sorry it took me so long, but thanks for the emails and the comments.
i do appreciate that.
i wish i had something new and exciting to report since my absence but alas...
did i get off my arse and lose some weight?
but i thought about it a lot.
does that count?
i enjoyed reading blogs in my hiatus tho'.
'hiatus' sounds good dunnit?
makes it sound much more important than just sitting around doing nothing.

so by way of celebration and renewal i've changed the template.
just to liven things up a bit.
how exciting is THAT?

we are on baby watch.
grandchild number 4, OWEN, is due at the end of the month.

however we feel he wants to make an appearance very soon.
so watch this space.

i think that tonight after i'd had a glass of wine (or 2) i may have offered to adopt a dog.
grandchild #4 might not want to compete with a yappy poodle so i believe i suggested that she come and live with us and drive me crazy instead.
i think that's what i said.

and just in case you can't remember who i am.

it's nice to be back.


Granny on the Web said...

Top O the mornin to you Clippy!!!
Hope I am the first to welcome you back from exile.
Hiatus , wellllll as long as it doesn't have a hernia on the end of it, I suppose it will do as a good word to mean you were missed,
Anyway, welcome back and hope the head isn't too heavy this morning.

Love Granny

Smileygirl said...

Welcome back! You look happy and rested. Was this before or after the wine?


Lakeland Jo said...

what a relief- I missed you. Hurray and welcome back to cyber land.
Now I can bore someone else about Newcastle United - at least you know what and who I am talking aboot hinny...

C said...

clippy is back!
i really missed your humor and readings!
that's a really nice picture of you.
however, i see you collect remote controls... erm, is that about 16 i see spread out around yee, perhaps?
you look well rested and it really is nice to have yee back.




did yee clean up all the lil messes i left on your blog...?
and floor?
i do like your new format, too.

Gina said...

oooo yeah!!!! yippeee hehe i was so excited to see you at the top of my sidebar, welcome back :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

So happy you are back!!! You were dearly missed and I LOVED it when you still threw me a note or two!!

Baby number 4?? Owen??? I love that exciting for the family.
A poodle? I don't know how I feel about that...does the poodle like boxers??? Not sure how this will work for us. THis could be the end. :)

ChiTown Girl said...

OMG!!! Clippy's back!!! Oh, happy day! This was the perfect kick-off for my spring break!! I missed you :( You look gorgeous, as always!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh, how I've missed you! Congrats on the soon to be born grandchild. :-)

Crazy Mo said...

Welcome back, Clippy Mat! I feel as though I should be running out to kill the fatted calf to celebrate your return. I'll just open a bottle of bubbly instead. We'll both appreciate that more! You look fabulous. You are one hot granny!! I'm still finalizing the Toothy Fairy Pillows (or Pockets as I think I'm going to call them). I'm not quite happy with the end result yet, so give me a few more weeks and I'll have something for you on the Urban Contessa blog. :O)

karengberger said...

Welcome back! We missed you!

kee said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I haven't laughed like that in awhile...THANKS!!
Welcome back and thanks for agreeing to adopt think about it...without the influence of wine! So glad your back!

The Incredible Woody said...

Thinking about losing weight totally counts!

Glad you are back!

Pam said...

Welcome back!!! I missed you.
I'm still reading Parky but every time I pick it up life calls.
Can't wait to see grandchild #4!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Yayyyy! The Return of The Clipstress! Now with added wine!

You do look good enough to eat, mind offering to adopt poodles sounds just the sort of thing I would get up to... I am always surprised when people not only know what sex of baby is coming, they also know baby's name... Amazing, and great lots of good luck with that, dahlink! x

Esther said...

Yeah! Welcome. It's good to have you back. Task number one? Photos of the cute dog! And congrats on the grandchild.

J. Hi said...

Yay! I'm you're back. :)

Anonymous said...

heyyyy welcome back!
sorry i havent read sooner

so r u going to take bella then? i love bella! do it! it would be fun for you and dad and lucky? haha

xxx jenn