Tuesday, April 7, 2009

my flowing locks... the saga continues.

it's that time again.
i need to get my hair did.
YET AGAIN i need a new hairdresser.
what is wrong with me?
i have not been able to find a decent hairdresser for years.
see here

i want THIS.
not the gob.
just the head.
not the colour.
just the style.

i confess.
i've gone cheap the last two times.
i was sick of paying thru the nose and TIPPING and then going home and thinking,
my last cheapy i drove about 30 miles thru the countryside one night after work. where the landscape of stark trees was interrupted only by the baying of a coyote and the strum of a duelling banjo.

my coworker recommended a 'friend' who was cheap but good.
i only heard the word 'cheap'.
good, i may have just imagined.

my coworker lives in the country so when she said that the hairdresser friend wasn't THAT far i of course believed her.
NOT FAR to a country gal is not the same as MY not far.
me being a girl who is surrounded by bricks and mortar and streets with tarmac and cars and buses, shops and people.
and when my coworker told me that in order to reach this house where the 'cheap' hairdresser lived i had to leave the paved road after a journey thru the sticks and drive down an unpaved gravel road was i perturbed?
not when 'cheap' is concerned.
not i!

i set off with map in hand and by the time i arrived, some 40 mins later, to a remote farm on the outskirts of nowhere, i was drenched in flop sweat and probably would have let ANYBODY cut my hair, provided they gave me directions to get home.
if she'd sat me down and proceeded to do the job with a knife and fork i most likely would have just nodded and smiled.

i held the hairdresser's new baby while she did my highlights.
i read a story to her 4 year old while SHE too sat on my knee and held the baby,
i'm not kidding.
they do things differently on the farm i can tell ya that.

when it was over i said thanks.
i meant it.
she was nice.
the baby was nice.
the litle girl was also nice.
the farm was nice.
and the cow in the field and the goat in the barn that i saw from the window were also nice.
i paid.
i tipped.
i will NEVER return.
i drove home.
it took me F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

i thought i'd never see civilization again.
as the landscape of trees gave way to the familiar outlines of shops and houses, only then did my butt cheeks unclench.
and guess what?
my hair wasn't TOO bad.
in a country-style bowl on your head kinda way.
sort of chic.
only with a k on the end.

so where to now?
i'm running out of options in the city.
countryside is out.
maybe i'll try the U.S. next.
after all, we are a border town almost.
not THAT far to go.
and i have GPS now.


Gina said...

hehe too bad you dont live here on LI i have a fabulous hairdresser who only charges $25 ( and babysitting is not required!)

did i say im glad your back?? i did but i'll say it again... yipppeee

ChiTown Girl said...

I think you should come here and go to my girl. We could make a weekend of it! ;-)

The Incredible Woody said...

You should come to Tennessee. I'll make an appointment for you with Judy, my miracle worker!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ughhh...I feel your pain. I went through this last year and it was hell.
I finally found someone I can trust...it took forever to find her. You know how I did it? everywhere I went I looke at women's hair-do's. When I found a lady with a great cut/color, I asked her where she gets it done. voila. I found my new girl. She is wonderful. I pay out the nose
($70.00 for a cut,don't tell Coach) But it is worth it for me.
good luck...let us know.
Oh, and I love that style too..not the face, the hair!!!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's hard to find the perfect person. I've been seeing my hairdresser for over 20 years. I've told her she can never retire. LOL.

karengberger said...

I am also cheap about hair coloring; in fact, I gave it up years ago, but before I did, my also-cheap husband agreed to color it for me, using the kind you can buy at the drugstore. It was a peculiarly sweet bonding experience for us. My hair grows really fast, and I have an obsession with keeping up with the roots, so I couldn't afford to have it "my way" in a salon; I'd be there every two weeks. Have you ever thought of asking your hubby for his help?
I agree that the photo you posted shows a great hairdo. Good luck on your quest!

Jan said...

Great to see you back,Clippy ....... missed you lots.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Ah, the Purdy Cut - Reading that didn't half take me back! It is putting your life in someone's hands, and I've had that whole hairdresser looking down their nose at you thing... I also changed stylists once within the same salon, because SHE wasn't available, and HE was a better cutter - I scarcely survived THE LOOK I got...

I wish you the best of luck, Clipstress - It won't be easy... x

kee said...

oh no...here we go again...at least the end result will make for a funny blog...no no, wherever you end up this time its gonna be great. i am out of ideas though....

Clippy Mat said...

now i know that i can get a decent 'do' in several different states throughout the USA thanks to all of your referrals.


thanks everyone for the lovely welcome back comments. :-)

C said...

i'll cut it fer ya, clippy. free, too. and ya wont have to tip me. i'll even do it sober. i'll highlight and style it, too. come on over, the tea kettle is on. we have PG tips tea here, in the lil pyramid bags? from england. only the best for my diane, i always say.
and i think i have a bowl that'll fit yer head perfectly.
havent ya always wanted to come to nebraska..?
and if ya dont like it, i'll even go so far as to shave it all off for ya. cuz thats the kind of friend i yam. we have good wigs here in the midwest.
lemme know when to expect ya.


Attila The Mom said...

Heh. I just have hubby take the sharp scissors (you wouldn't believe how many DULL pairs we have around the house) and chop two inches off the back every six months or so.

I couldn't begin to tell you where to go next! LOL

Esther said...

I've never been to the same hairdresser twice in my life and I usually burst into tears just after crossing the threshold to the street outside. I feel your pain.

The Girl Next Door said...

Why oh why is it so hard to find someone good and not ridiculously expensive to cut our hair when so many people are purportedly "trained" to do so?

Egad I have gone from $40 every 6 months to $200 a month and still...not happy. My color is better but the cut? Just ok.

Someone please rescue me!

Gill - That British Woman said...

we must be twins, as I go through the same old saga. Now I need to find another one, as we are moving, luckily I keep my hair super short now......

Glad to see you back,


J. Hi said...

It's good to know there are others out there that struggle with this issue. It kills me to pay over $50 for my hair when it shouldn't be that complicated.

Anonymous said...

aww mom your hair always looks nice, i like lisas hair though that would be cool. :)
just as long as you dont channel your 'older brother' from those photos we looked at over christmas! hahaha
love ya
xxxx jenn

Anonymous said...

Having seen you very recently I can assure you that you aint doing too bad in the Barnet dept. For those who don't know Barnet is short for Barnet Fair cockney rhyming slang for hair, wouldn't it have been easier just to say hair? but then I'm a practical Geordie lass & not a Cockney